A Day to Recognize Entrepreneurs: National Entrepreneurs Day!

by / ⠀Startup Advice / June 4, 2010

Holiday’s are a funny thing, I mean when you really think about it we celebrate some weird things!

  • On February 2nd we wait and stare at a Groundhog for “Groundhog Day”
  • April 1st we play “pranks” on people for “April Fools Day”
  • April 21st we celebrate our administrative assistants for “Secretary’s Day”
  • June 14th we celebrate…uhh flags? for “Flag Day”
  • October 31st we dress up as weird things and celebrate “Halloween”

But what really made me scratch my head was a few weeks ago on Cinco de Mayo.  People here in Boston really took to the “holiday”.  It was a Wednesday Night and every bar had a line out the door, chips and salsa were sold out, and every Mexican restaurant was completely full.  Now let’s keep in mind Cinco de Mayo is Mexican holiday celebrating the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces.

Why if we celebrate all of these holidays is there not one day to recognize the innovators who built our country? Entrepreneurs.

Think about what our country would be like without Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, or Oprah Winfrey?  And the list goes on and on.  America is the most entrepreneurial country in the world, yet there isn’t a National Entrepreneurs’ Day.  One day to really recognize entrepreneurs and all the hard work they do.

This really upset our founders here at Grasshopper Group.  So they did what their hearts said, what any other entrepreneur would do…they took action.  Our founders started reaching out to other influential entrepreneurs and rallying up supporters.  We don’t want an “official holiday”, but rather to get the president (@barackobama) to recognize a day and put it on the calendar (the first day of Spring in 2011).  They decided the goal was to gain a million signatures….and so the journey began.

On May 11th, the first all Twitter petition to the first president on Twitter (@barackobama) began – entrepreneursday.org .

Please sign it with your Twitter handle and help support the cause.  It’s unbelievable to see the community already rallying around the cause: “Should Entrepreneurs Have Their Own National Holiday? Why Not?” – RWW & “Twitter Users Campaign for a National Entrepreneurs’ Day” – INC.com

As you know, here at Grasshopper we are firm believers that anything is possible and we truly believe that entrepreneurs deserve to be acknowledged, one day to be appreciated and recognized.

Help support the cause: entrepreneursday.org

We appreciate your passion.

Jonathan Kay @grasshopperbuzz


In the first 1-2 weeks of launching National Entrepreneurs Day we got so much buzz and excitement about what we were doing that we got a call from the President of The Kaufman Foundation.  They said they had heard about this from nearly 80 different people and had to reach out.  Essentially they want us to be involved in their Global Entrepreneur Week.  In fact they said they wanted the last day of this week to be the official “National Entrepreneur Day”.  Kaufman has been so successful in this space so its a great resource to have on board.  More so, they have tons of political contacts we do not, so its even more important now that we get as many signatures as possible.

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