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Year Founded:



Founders and Ages:

Ashley Bodi – 26

What is the story behind your company? ie. where did the idea come from, how was it founded etc..:

The idea for Business Beware started when Robert (my father) was talking with a friend about a customer they had problems with and turns out that same customer is the one that had given him problems too. Customers have the BBB, Angies List, Consumers in Control etc. but the businesses didn’t have an avenue where they could have a voice.  Since there was nothing out there like it, my dad told me his idea and I thought “what an awesome idea, we have to do this!”  I built and designed the site, layout, and everything that goes with it.  We started it on our own and told friends and family about it thinking it would help out those we knew but turns out others caught wind of it and wanted to use it as well! We had no idea it would take off like it has!  We added Canada as well since we had so many asking to open it up to them as well.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

What makes it unique is there is not another site out there like it at all.  There are a few out there that are free sites to rant and rave about deadbeats but we made sure our site was not like that at all.  We do enforce the site to stay clean and no slander because we check every single post that is posted.  Our site also has a collection letter service where we can send out a letter to the non-paying customer for the business.  When the customer does pay the business, they don’t owe us a percentage like you would a collection agency!  No other company offers this and it works!  It’s a way to help businesses in this tough economy without having to lose some of their money to agencies.

Future plans for the company?

We plan to spread the word about the collection letter and help businesses all around the country and put trust back between the business and customer.  We are launching a radio show in the next few weeks based on the site but also a show devoted to businesses and dealing with customers.  Our goal is to help businesses and if we help one a day, then we have succeeded!

We also are very involved with helping organizations and we are planning on working on doing fundraisers for charities and getting businesses involved.

What was the start-up budget?

We funded everything ourselves.  We bought a domain, hosting account, some t-shirts and cards and went from there.  I designed the site and databases so that was not an expense. So we basically spent maybe $500 for the start-up.

Where can people find the company? Twitter, facebook etc..

Our site is We are on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, and our blog.

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