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Scott GerberScott Gerber – @ScottGerber

Few have done as much in the field of entrepreneurship in as little time as Scott Gerber.

As many entrepreneurially minded youth, Scott wasn’t exactly cut out to get a ‘real job’.  When it comes to not getting a ‘real job’, you could say that Scott Gerber wrote the book on it, literally.  The Author of Never Get a Real Job, Founder of theYoung Entrepreneurs Council (YEC), keynote speaker, angel investor, and Co-Founder of Gen Y Captial Partners is as sharp as he is hardworking.

As a young entrepreneur, Scott encountered tough obstacles and made mistakes that may have been prevented if he would’ve had mentors and a network of like-minded people.  Scott promised himself that if he was ever in a position of success, he would make sure that no one would have to go through what he went through.  He followed through on that promise in a big way.

Scott launched the YEC in 2010 and had 80 members at the end of the year to provide a network to young entrepreneurs.  Today, the YEC has nearly 1,000 members and has received over 14,000 applications.

Scott joined me for an interview about the YEC, young entrepreneurs, the burden of student loan debt and more.

Interview Highlights:

– Consolidation of college education: “I think you’re going to see a lot of schools that can’t cut it anymore and there won’t be a need for them.”

– Something he has yet to achieve: Work-life balance.

– Early entrepreneurial endeavors: Scott took a business from 0 dollars to several hundred thousand in revenue, back to 0 dollars.

Listen to the full interview with Scott Gerber below.

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