How to Get Involved in Your Local Entrepreneurial Community

by / ⠀Startup Advice / July 29, 2011

Here in New York our entrepreneurial community is thriving.  You may have noticed our new Made in NYC tag at the bottom of our site, or have seen our New York chapter with over 300 people in our meetup group and now we are making a special announcement that hyperlocal Under30CEO membership chapters are rolling out all over the nation.

Under30CEO chapters are designed to be a place where young people who are passionate about what they do can come together to build profitable businesses, lead people and solve problems.  In laymen’s terms–we envision groups of kick-ass people all across the world forming real relationships and doing big things.

What kind of big things you ask?

Check out some footage from yesterday’s Under30CEOs “Startup Scary Stories” event in New York City and for an invite to your local Under30CEO chapter email info @ with Subject line: (Your City) and Body: your name, company, and URL.

Speakers (in order): @MattWilsontv from Under30CEO, @EricKoester from Zaarly, @ItsRayLand from Fabulous Coach Lines and @JaredOToole from Under30CEO.

Under30CEO is here to create that collaborative environment and give a kickstart to the entrepreneurs in your city.  Getting involved in your entrepreneurial community is easy–and we’ll make it happen for you just email info for more information.

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