Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs Under-30: Shana Kay, CEO Intellicred

Entrepreneurship, particularly in the realm of technology, has stereotypically been a male-dominated sector. Flying in the face of this stereotype however, is Shana Kay. Shana lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she owns and runs her online security start-up business, Intellicred. Young, driven, and battling it out as a female CEO in the tough marketplace of South Africa; Shana is an inspiration for any aspiring young female entrepreneur. So far in her career Shana has been awarded a SAB (South African Breweries) Kick-Start award and has been voted as one of the Mail&Guardian’s 100 Young People to have lunch with. Read on to find out how Shana got started, and how she battled through hurdles on the way to success. Entrepreneur Profile The seed of Intellicred, originally named Infointeg, was planted while Shana was still living in Cape Town, when she and her partner Kevin Derman grew frustrated at the lack of credible information online. In light of this, Shana had the idea for a company which would validate information about what potential suppliers could provide, and thus Infointeg was born. Shana subsequently moved from her home in Cape Town to Johannesburg, to be closer to other movers and shakers … Continue reading Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs Under-30: Shana Kay, CEO Intellicred