Need a Co-Founder in NYC? FounderDating Comes to the Big Apple

by / ⠀Startup Advice / February 9, 2012


Do you fit the following?

  • Have a specific idea that you would like to work on, but don’t have the right partner(s)
  • Are a superstar who likes (or doesn’t like) your current job, but is open to joining a founding team for the right opportunity
  • Are an aspiring entrepreneur open to trying new ideas with the right mix of people (e.g. it’s OK if you don’t have THE idea yet)

Then FounderDating is for you. The idea is to bring together talented entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skill sets to start innovative new companies. We all know people with similar backgrounds and skill-sets but this is about finding the people with complimentary backgrounds.

FounderDating has been in cities like San Francisco, Seattle and Austin but now it’s coming to New York. The event is March 21st but you must apply by March 13th. Everyone gets screened beforehand to make sure your skills & goals will be a fit for the event.

If you’re looking for a co-founder in New York than this might be the spot for you. Apply here

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