assessing risk

Bad at Taking Risks? 4 Tips to Be Bolder

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / April 7, 2019
Are you as bold as you need to be?

Fear is a company’s food: It comes in many flavors, but it must be swallowed for the business to live. The trouble is that many of us learn to be picky eaters from an early age. Although we’re curious about what happens when we put our hand on a hot stove, we don’t attempt it — we know we risk hurting ourselves. While our early risk aversion protects…

Are Women Entrepreneurs Risk Averse?

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / March 10, 2014

  In a recent blog post Dr. Helen Smith raised a question about the differences between men and women in business. She asked, if women are more risk averse than men in business, will they be less successful? Now as a matter of full disclosure I must say that I have a great many women in my life who are entrepreneurs: my mother, who owned a successful real estate business; a…

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