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How to Motivate Gen Y

by / ⠀Startup Advice / August 5, 2022

How Effective is Your Sales Rewards and Incentives Program? You May be Surprised… by: Dr. David Brookmire Today, an unprecedented three generations—with distinct work styles and preferences, values, expectations, needs, behaviors, beliefs, and goals—are in the workplace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Sales, where the latest generation, Gen Y, will soon become the most prevalent generation. So how can sales managers in the process of evaluating…

22 Little Known Ways to Make a Name for Yourself

by / ⠀Personal Branding Startup Advice / August 3, 2022
Getting ready to choose a business name? Read on for nine mistakes nearly every budding entrepreneur makes...and how you can avoid them.

If you don’t make a name for yourself, someone will make one for you.  And it might not be the one you want. Who’s making a name for YOU? Consider these twenty-two little known ways to do so: Grow the trust. Oprah is the most trusted person in America. She’s also a billionaire. This is not a coincidence. So remember: The amount of money you make is directly…

6 Reasons Why Surrounding Yourself Around Better People Will Increase Your Success Rate in Business

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / July 30, 2022

I’m constantly reading books, listening to audiotapes, and always on a search for more knowledge. I never truly understood what Jim Rohn meant when he said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” until today. Now whether you are incredibly successful in your business reaching for the next level or you are just starting out in any business endeavor; this is…

Creating an Opportunity Mindset

by / ⠀Personal Branding Startup Advice / July 29, 2022
opportunity sign

By Joe Calloway, Author of Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison Hopefully you didn’t miss it. It’s dominated the news for a year. It’s been described as difficult, daunting, and even devastating. People have referred to it as a meltdown and a disaster. It’s the recession. But no crisis can last forever. One day soon, we’ll wake up and the recession…

Starting a Brand? How to Create Community Growth

by / ⠀Finding Customers / July 28, 2022

Building your brand means growing consumers dedicated to the success of your company; people who have a vested interest in your products and services.  These are your evangelists, your biggest fans, your mavens.  If you want people to shout from the rooftops about your company you’ll have to start forming community. Learn how to develop community growth into your business. Look at Harley riders, Mac geeks and the…

Legal Horror Stories: Contracts with Website Designers and Developers

by / ⠀Startup Advice / July 27, 2022

Legal Horror Stories: This series is brought to you by eMinutes.com to help educate and inform young business owners. See if you qualify to have your business incorporated for free today! Today’s story comes from Dominick Fuccillo, founder of  TrustPages.com. His company provides an easy way to save and share local business recommendations with friends and neighbors. It is currently live in DC, Maryland and Virginia, and scheduled to be…

10 Things Gen Y Won’t Pay for

by / ⠀Startup Advice / July 25, 2022

Gen Y Will Not Pay These 10 Things Gen Y Won’t Pay for checking, long distance, mail, music, wireless, travel agents, books, news, or directory assistance. But, why? Checking Since the beginning of time, we’ve gotten free checking as students: Chase, Bank of America, Wachovia, Capital One all offer it to us.  If we are no longer eligible as a full time student we have two options: A.…

10 Things to Improve Your Small Business Marketing Results

by / ⠀Finding Customers Startup Advice / July 23, 2022

1. Marketing is as much an art as it is a science. Plan, test, execute, and measure, but never be surprised by uncertainty and change. In our eagerness to measure and declare return on investment for all marketing spends, we often forget that humans are unpredictable. As such, we can’t always predict a market reaction or group think. Testing helps minimize the chances of this but historically it…

Top 10 Cities for Young Business People

by / ⠀Startup Advice / July 23, 2022
boston ma

10. Jacksonville A surprise finalist on the Under30CEO Cities for Young Business People, Jacksonville with no state income tax catapulted itself into the top 10. A relatively cheap cost of living compared to others on the list, your money goes far in Jacksonville. This isn’t the Florida that you grandparents live in–average age of JAX is 35. Warm weather, beaches, what’s not to like? 9. Phoenix You may…