Incubator Definition: What Is It And Examples

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / June 27, 2022
incubator definition

Not many know what exactly a business incubator refers to. But the truth is, there are over 1000 business incubators in the US alone. Yes, incubators are all around you even though you don’t recognize them. And once you realize their potential, you won’t be able to stay away from them for long as an entrepreneur either. So, let’s get to the incubator definition and exactly what it…

How to Think about Tough Career Decisions as A Young Professional

by / ⠀Career Advice / June 27, 2022
tough career decisions

As a young professional, you often find yourself at crossroads. You come across too many tough career decisions, and it becomes challenging to arrive at a conclusion that has the most potential to bring you long-term benefits. Let’s face it. Every decision a young professional makes have a significant impact on his future. It determines how you will spend the next few years of your life. You can’t…

Why You Should Consider a Government Career

by / ⠀Career Advice / June 27, 2022
government career

Choosing your career is one of the most challenging decisions you’ll ever make. It affects your entire life, from the amount of money you earn to how stressed you are on a daily basis. A lot of thought needs to go into it so that you can enjoy the highest quality of life possible. It might just be that a government role gives you the career that makes you…

Should I Quit My Job?

by / ⠀Blog Podcast / June 26, 2022
location rebel

Should I quit my job and start a business? This is the question I asked myself, and finally answered. Here is my story, and interview with digital nomad, Sean Ogle. Should I Quit My Job? “Currently doing the stuff most people just talk about doing…” In this week’s interview digital nomad & location rebel Sean Ogle (@seanogle) tells us how he built two successful businesses, created an incredible community of…

Avoid Giving Away Too Much Equity: Ten Easy Tips

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Finance Startup Advice / June 24, 2022
avoid giving away too much equity

Let’s imagine that you are a brilliant entrepreneur. You get your eureka moment with an idea that can help people. You do everything in your power to create the product or service. Or, at least a prototype. You test it with potential buyers and you have a business plan all set and ready to go. Awesome! But one problem exists: You don’t have any money to get this…

Target CEO: Who Is It?

by / ⠀Blog Career Advice / June 24, 2022
Who is Target's CEO

He’s over one of the world’s most popular retail brands, but who is the Target CEO? Brian Cornell is one of the most highly-paid executives in the industry. He’s also been in the retail space for more than two decades, during which he has helped grow companies into the world’s leading retailers.  Along with this, he’s a tireless workaholic. Cornell is famous for his hands-on approach to running Target.…

Developing an MVP: How to Evaluate a New Startup Idea

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / June 23, 2022
developing an MVP

Have you ever heard of the term “good idea, poor execution?” It can be a common phrase, especially in the more artistic career fields such as writing or cinema. But, the phrase can be said in many other career fields: architecture, cooking, and business. Millions of business ideas exist and thousands of start-up companies form every week across the world. Many ideas are interesting, helpful, and even a…

Business Suit: Everything To Know for Men

by / ⠀Personal Branding / June 23, 2022

Let’s face it. You might be incredibly good at your job. But if you aren’t dressed for the part, no one will take you seriously. There’s a reason that entrepreneurs are encouraged to wear business suits in all their meetings and outings. A business suit enhances your professional appeal and indicates that you really care for your job. Unfortunately, dressing the part isn’t always easy. A lot of…

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