Editorial Inquiries

Do you accept guest contributed content?

Absolutely! We have even created an easy guest post form for you to submit your free article through. We know this might seem a bit impersonal and you might have wanted to pitch us a topic first, but this helps us stay organized and get back to you faster.

When deciding on a topic, keep these two things in mind: 1) our audience of business owners and entrepreneurs, and 2) articles should be about general business and not be industry specific. All other necessary guidelines are listed on the form linked to above.


Do you accept infographics?

Yes, but only a limited number. We will need 400-600 words accompanying the infographic that dives into what the infographic is about, where the data came from, and what information is most important for the reader to take away.

While you can send just the one image of the infographic, we prefer you send the whole image as well as pieces of it broken up so that we can place images throughout the text you provided.

You can submit your infographic and text using this form.


Do you accept sponsored content?

Yes, we do accept sponsored posts. Use our general submission form below to contact us about sponsored content and brand partnership opportunities.

Do you want us to syndicate your article?

Thank you for thinking of us when you were looking for places to syndicate your article to; however, we are not offering that service right now.


Do you want to submit an interview or coverage request?

We appreciate you thinking of Under30CEO for coverage of your story idea or product. However, we are not accepting unsolicited interview or coverage requests.


If you have opportunities for Under30CEO outside of what is listed above, please use this general submission form. Please note that if you ask a question already answered above, you will not receive an answer.