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The Importance of Selling the Problem Rather Than the Solution

by / ⠀Career Advice Finding Customers / September 20, 2022

It’s definitely not easy for an entrepreneur to make his products or services noticed. After all, the competition in the business world is pretty stiff. What can you do to ensure your idea stands out? It’s your approach that makes all the difference. If you make an effort to sell the problem instead of the solution, you will force people to take notice of what you have to…

Stop Focusing on Funding and Start Focusing on Customer Retention

by / ⠀Blog Finding Customers / August 22, 2022
customer retention

It’s only natural you would want to grow your small business through funding. After all, you can receive various benefits from a startup loan. However, there are some downsides to having a loan for your new company. Focusing on customer retention instead provides long-term possibilities for entrepreneurs they may not get from funding. According to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in retaining patrons can increase your business’s…

Using Surveys to Increase Conversions in Three Steps

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Finding Customers Startup Advice / August 17, 2022
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Something you may have noticed on the receipt after a purchase is either instructions to go to a website for a survey or a survey printed on the back. This survey is an important tool for a business. It allows the company to collect data from their customers and clients to learn what they think of the business and what can be improved. Surveys also help with gaining…

4 Ways Your Employees Can Become Brand Ambassadors

by / ⠀Finding Customers Personal Branding / August 9, 2022
Looking for your brand to enter more casual conversations? Got great staff? You're primed to convert mere employees into brand ambassadors.

Word of mouth is by far one of the best forms of advertising. People trust other people, more than their own gut instinct, in some cases. This is why on-site customer reviews, as well as reviews on sites like Yelp, are crucial to a growing business. If you’re looking for your brand to enter more casual conversations, then you’ve come to the right place. You’re primed to convert…

Starting a Brand? How to Create Community Growth

by / ⠀Finding Customers / July 28, 2022

Building your brand means growing consumers dedicated to the success of your company; people who have a vested interest in your products and services.  These are your evangelists, your biggest fans, your mavens.  If you want people to shout from the rooftops about your company you’ll have to start forming community. Learn how to develop community growth into your business. Look at Harley riders, Mac geeks and the…

Sales Team Creation From Scratch…Made Easy

by / ⠀Finding Customers / July 25, 2022
Need a sales team? There's always cold-calling. If you're ready to take your startup to the next level of profit, here's how.

Need a sales team? There’s always cold-calling. If you’re ready to take your startup to the next level of profit, here’s how. Here are some steps toward establishing a system for managing the sales team that is currently well-oiled. 1. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance. It bears repeating. Don’t be afraid to solicit assistance. Talk to sales team members. Talk to anyone and everywhere. You’ll be surprised…

10 Things to Improve Your Small Business Marketing Results

by / ⠀Finding Customers Startup Advice / July 23, 2022

1. Marketing is as much an art as it is a science. Plan, test, execute, and measure, but never be surprised by uncertainty and change. In our eagerness to measure and declare return on investment for all marketing spends, we often forget that humans are unpredictable. As such, we can’t always predict a market reaction or group think. Testing helps minimize the chances of this but historically it…

How to Bring Care Back to Business

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Finding Customers / July 15, 2022
bring care back to business woman smiling customer relations

Customers are your lifeblood. Without them, you’d have no business at all. But how do you bring the care back to business and improve customer service standards to a point they stay happy and loyal and tell their friends about you?  Here are seven essential tips that will help you nurture better customer relationships and ensure that your business thrives. From developing better communication strategies to providing top-notch…

How to Make a Competitive Business by Being Unique

by / ⠀Finding Customers Startup Advice / July 15, 2022
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Throughout our lives, we’re told that in order to be successful, we have to be the best. In order to make something of ourselves we have to stand above all the rest. We measure success on how we stack up to the competition – the same goes with failure. Failure is defined by our lack to meet said expectations. Falling short of a desired goal. I’m here to…