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Getting Distracted by Something Shiny? Stop Today

by / ⠀Career Advice / June 5, 2022
distracted by something shiny

Being distracted by something shiny is an analogy about a rock collector on the importance of staying focused. Instead of focusing on their given environment and nearby rockets, the rock collector continues traveling back and forth seeing a bright glam in the distance. The rocket collector ends up wasting all of their time traveling, instead of looking at the interesting rocks already around them. It demonstrates the importance…

Data All Founders Should Collect for Their Startup

by / ⠀Career Advice Startup Advice / June 3, 2022
data collection

Owning your own startup company seems like a dream come true. After a lot of hard work, networking, and gaining support, you finally manage to start one. With the dream of being the next Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, it feels like the whole world is at your fingertips. But, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. You just started and you have a hundred and one things…

How to Use Storytelling to Pitch Your Startup

by / ⠀Career Advice / June 2, 2022

Storytelling has been a form of art since the beginning of man. Ever since we told stories through cave paintings, we have expanded our views on storytelling, learning how to perfect it. Storytelling can also be used in sales. In fact, it is a great asset to getting your pitch heard and even approved. The integration of storytelling to pitch your startup makes it not only more memorable…

Funny Faces: Don’t Get Them When Meeting New People

by / ⠀Blog Career Advice / June 1, 2022
Man with glasses standing behind a painting

This article will discuss how to not get funny faces when meeting someone new. Become instantly memorable with new connections and stand out as yourself. Here is the story. The Story Last Summer I surveyed my Idea Lemon audience the following question, When you ask to meet someone for the first time (this could be a professional connection, a friendly encounter, or even a date) what do you…

Post-Pandemic Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneur Interviews / June 1, 2022
People are pretty surprised to be asked many pandemic-related questions in their interviews. Here's how you can prepare for them.

The pandemic impacted the entire world, and we continue coming to terms with all the changes. Most of us are still processing everything that happened over the past few years. Naturally, COVID-19 will remain a topic of conversation for a long time. This includes post-pandemic interview questions too. Many people weren’t ready for these questions initially and therefore struggled to come up with the right answers. If you…

Books About Dealing with Difficult Coworkers

by / ⠀Career Advice / May 31, 2022
Have a toxic coworker making things worse? These five books about dealing with difficult coworkers can help you improve your work life.

It can be challenging to deal with toxic coworkers, and sometimes the stress of the situation can become unbearable. However, no matter how difficult the situation, there are usually ways to get through it. Nowadays, books about dealing with difficult coworkers are flooding the market, but which ones are worth the investment of your time and money? Remember, not doing anything about toxic coworkers can have severe effects…

Top 5 Leadership Books That Will Blow Your Mind

by / ⠀Career Advice / May 27, 2022
5 Leadership Books

In today’s fast-paced world, leadership skills are more important than ever. This blog lists the best books on leadership that will blow your mind. They provide valuable insights and advice for anyone wishing to lead a successful organization. From understanding the basics of leadership to developing effective leadership skills, these books can help you take your leadership skills to the next level. So whether you’re a new leader…

_Business: A Complete Guide

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / May 26, 2022
two guys getting face drawn

_Business is the process of creating value by offering products or services to meet demand. A business can also be a stand alone entity for a single process of creating value. For example, an ice cream business focuses on the selling ice cream process of creating value. Recently my _business, Idea Lemon, celebrated its 4 year anniversary. I use the word ‘celebrated’ loosely because really that meant Linkedin…