Reducing the Customer Acquisition Cost for Your Small Business

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Finding Customers / July 23, 2021

Customer acquisition cost can be an expensive line item for any small business. Reducing that cost can prove to be a long and winding road. However, only by reducing it can you take a step towards your continuous growth. If acquiring a customer costs more than the value they bring, it’s ultimately a losing proposition to acquire them in the first place. Before exploring the costs of customer…

eCommerce Budgeting Tips for Newer Proprietors

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Funding Startup Advice / May 11, 2021

eCommerce budgeting is always tricky, but especially so for newer owners and startups. As an entrepreneur, you’ve got a million things to balance and your available money only goes so far. The five tips directly below can guide your thinking as you move forward. You’ll want to avoid common spending traps, maximize your ability to reach people, answer questions, and have enough capital to invest in reliable products…

6 Financial Habits Young Professionals Should Have

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Personal Finance / November 3, 2013

1)     Knowing where your money is going. You’re part of a tech-savvy generation. If you aren’t tracking your spending online yet, you should be. Websites like Mint, You Need a Budget, or Manilla can serve as a starting point for not only tracking your spending, but setting parameters around it as well. Gone are the days of writing things down. Get synced in to receive automatic alerts when…

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