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What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / April 18, 2014

I can still remember what it felt like to tell my first girlfriend, “I don’t love you anymore.” I’d just gotten back from traveling through Greece and the Middle East (read my adventures) and I thought I was such a worldly, cultured man now. I thought I needed to explore the world and see if there was anyone “better” out there. But the truth was pretty simple: I’d…

The Narnia Effect: Invisible Tactics Marketers Use To Get Your Money

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Finding Customers / April 11, 2014

Let’s face it: Nobody likes to be “marketed” to. In fact, the word “marketer” has gained a slimy reputation from being batted around by unscrupulous salesmen for the last 20 years, and now the good ones are left trying to dig themselves out of the used car lot. As a result, companies have had to become much more creative to get your attention, keep it, and ultimately, guide…

How To Master Your Inbox, Crush Your ADHD And Win At Life Using Workflows

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / April 2, 2014

Getting a good idea is the easy part. Execution is the hard part. Think about what happens when you get a good idea. The lightbulb goes off and your mind makes that little microwave *ding*. What paralyzes us often is the work that we know will come after the idea. Oftentimes, it’s simply a bandwidth issue. We already have a fixed number of responsibilities each day: Job Family…

Inside The Mind Of A $100M Mogul: How Lori Greiner Created A Product Empire (HD Video)

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / March 27, 2014

Take a look around your world. Does it ever feel like some people have an inordinate share of success in business and life? Superstars like this are: Launching successful startups and making millions Starting projects/hobbies…and actually getting good at them In great relationships with the perfect partner Always going to the coolest events Meanwhile, mere mortals like us struggle with basic things like: Just having enough money to…

How To Raise $10,000 For A Project You Care About

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Funding / March 24, 2014

We have all these plans for projects, and dreams of things that we want to accomplish — but it’s SO hard to see them through to completion, isn’t it? How many of us have goals, and in our hearts, we’re just not sure if we’ll ever accomplish them? I know I’ve been there. However, there’s also something very special and unique about our generation. Check out this email…

How To Get Past Fake “Gatekeepers”

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / January 14, 2014

The following scenario surprised, enraged and inspired me — so originally, I wrote this on my Facebook wall. I got some many comments from friends that I just had to turn it into a post. I’m super curious: What would you have done in my shoes? Leave a comment when you’re done reading and let me know. ******* So I’m at Starbucks (I’ve been here for a few…

The “Fat Friend Effect” And The Surprising Power of Negative Secondary Connections

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / January 3, 2014

I’m 24 years old and I’m now realizing that, despite my tendency to feel like I have a pretty good handle on life, there were a lot of lessons I learned as a child that still ring true today. For one, I’ve found it exceedingly true that birds of a feather really DO flock together. I used to hate this saying growing up because I thought it was…

Painful, Embarrassing Shit I’ve Done Trying To Make Money Online

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / October 28, 2013

When I began writing at Rich20Something, I felt like a small child lost in the woods. First, let’s get something straight: A lot of other bloggers or writers will tell you “Oh, I hardly even considered making money off my blog. Why, it happened practically by accident!” That’s bullshit. It doesn’t happen by accident. And I knew from day one that I wanted to figure out a way to…

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