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Devesh Dwivedi

Why Fear is Good as an Entrepreneur

by / ⠀Startup Advice / August 31, 2010

What is Fear? It’s an emotion, a feeling, and although traditionally fear has been despised and fearlessness has been appreciated, I believe fear just like every other emotion has its own purpose in life and hence it should be equally respected. Napoleon Hill, in his 1934 book Think and Grow Rich names six basic fears that hold us back from success:  fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear…

30 Business Lessons I Learned Before 30

by / ⠀Startup Advice / August 11, 2010

Learning starts right from the moment we are born, even though we may not consciously remember every lesson we learned we still practice them everyday because our subconscious is much more powerful than our conscious. I am a student of life, I love to learn, be it a skill, sport, technology, philosophy or anything for that matter and what I enjoy more is sharing what I learned. I…

10 Do’s & Don’ts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀Startup Advice / July 14, 2009

Do: 1. Start something: a blog, a website, a group, anything. Action is what counts so, take action, even if its not a very significant progress towards your business, this step would get the ball rolling. Try it. 2. Get rid of all your debts. This is very important, you don’t want to be in debt while you start your business because you’ll have many things to worry…

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