Working Online? Overcome the Distractions of the World Wide Web

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / July 12, 2013

As a young entrepreneur in these modern times, you know how important the internet has become in business. If you know about and utilize the incredible tools available at your fingertips, you also probably know all too well how distracting the web can be while you are doing work online. The problem is that the internet is a tool for work but also a source of entertainment. Once…

Are You a Startup Porn Addict?

by / ⠀Startup Advice / November 1, 2012

Startup porn, simply put, is a collection of entertaining, stimulating, and worthless activities that distract an entrepreneur from focusing on what really matters, hindering future achievements. When I first started as an entrepreneur, I spent time on the damnedest things. I obsessed about logo colors, the right type of phone system for our office, and safeguarding us against even the slightest legal issues that could potentially arise in…

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