Equity Compensation

Equity Compensation: What Is It and How It Is Used

by / ⠀Career Advice / June 15, 2022

Oftentimes, private companies, including those fiercely protected or family-owned, find it difficult to locate and retain important management personnel. Because a lot of the time poaching by other competitors happens through total compensation packages. Now while the equity of private companies cannot be traded via a stock exchange, it also might not be marketable. But, multiple means exist by which a private company can provide incentives relating to…

How to Negotiate Your Equity Compensation in VC-Backed Startups

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / October 24, 2012

In our work at venture-backed startups, we are amazed at how hard new employees will negotiate pay, benefits, workspace, duties, titles, etc. and just totally accept their equity compensation. So, we have prepared six questions that will make you look really smart and help you understand your equity compensation.  It may also make you a lot richer when your Company is acquired. Assumption: You have been offered an…