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Your Guide To Retargeted Marketing

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Finding Customers / March 30, 2014

We’ve all seen ads follow us from the sites we visit. How did my favorite sports blog know I was in the market to purchase an easel for my daughter? The answer is retargeting. It’s a new(er) way to retain the customers who check out your site without actually checking out. Retargeting is more cost-effective than Google Adwords. It’s also more focused, as it reaches the individuals who…

How to Never Really Sell Ever Again

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Finding Customers / October 22, 2013

Do you know what REALLY sucks? Trying to convince people that they should buy your stuff. I know as an entrepreneur, I’m supposed to be selling and hustling 24×7. But selling as in convincing you that you should depart your hard earned money with my suave & charms, isn’t in my blood. The only counter to any sales objection I have is doing the gangnam style elevator dance…

Forget the Idea! Lessons from Virgin, Microsoft and Groupon

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / September 18, 2013

Most first time entrepreneurs, when they start a business, start with the idea. Yet, this is an ineffective way of creating a business. Instead, the entrepreneur should start by figuring out an innovative method for acquiring customers. Starting with the method of customer acquisition then better informs your selection of a specific idea – a product or service – that can be delivered and scaled. Why does the…

How to Appeal to Customers of Different Ages

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Finding Customers / June 25, 2013

Whether you work in the public sector, sell products directly to other businesses or offer goods and services to members of the public, I think it’s important that you attempt to appeal to people of differing ages. As obvious as it sounds, doing so will increase your customer base and – with any luck – will result in a rise in more sales. That said, ensuring that customers…

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