André Around the World: Lessons in WillPower from Tanzania

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Travel / May 1, 2014

I loved being in Tanzania. It gave me a very strong perspective about ‘social businesses’ and the so-called “third sector”. The concept of entrepreneurship is now giving its first steps here. It was illegal to make private businesses until the mid 80’s, besides the government was extremely centered… so, accordingly to what I’ve been told, the truth is that people’s mentality (especially the older generations) is still a…

How to Go Global from the Start

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Travel / December 16, 2013

There is a lot to consider when launching a startup — typically first comes the idea and then excitement ensues and a rush to get it up and running.  Deciding whether or not to launch your product/idea in more than just your native country sometimes doesn’t even come up.  But here’s why it should. Launching your startup globally from the start is a difficult but very rewarding task.…

5 Behavioral Dimensions of Global Leaders

by / ⠀Startup Advice / February 20, 2013

You may recognize great leaders when you see them, but can you pinpoint the behaviors that make them great? If you don’t have a firm understanding of why people are successful, it’s impossible to learn from them and emulate their success. Through tireless research, we learned which qualities set great global leaders apart from the crowd. We fleshed out significant elements of a global leader, surveyed top leaders…

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