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Take Part Live: A Series Dedicated to Tackling the Issues that Matter to Millennials

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / November 14, 2013

  Monster and the Pivot network have teamed up together to create nine segments for Take Part Live surrounding Monster’s Find Better initiative that focuses on millennials and even includes a veteran segment.  Take Part Live is a topical show that tackles timely issues without taking itself too seriously and provides stories and conversations that matter to millennials. To check out Take Part Live, visit Take Part Live. We strongly encourage you and your readers to…

Josh Shipp Used to Get Kicked out of Class for Talking: Now he Gets Paid to Talk

by / ⠀Entrepreneur Interviews Startup Advice / November 5, 2009

U30: You’ve appeared on TRL, FoxNews, Comedy Central and Cosmo Girl.  How’d you score the press? I started all this as a professional speaker- going around to high schools and colleges and speaking to large audiences. But that doesn’t translate to media. A speech is one person to five hundred.  Media is one person to one person times give hundred. Once I understood this, I knew I needed…

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