How Entrepreneurs Can Take Their Sales Teams Beyond Cold Calling

by / ⠀Over 30 Advice Startup Advice / October 15, 2018

In the era of inbound marketing and sales automation, cold calling is almost quaint. It would be, anyway, if it weren’t so hopelessly ineffective. According to marketing guru Charlie Cook, cold callers average a conversion rate of about 2 percent. Keep in mind, though, a conversion isn’t the same as a sale; in the context of cold calling, it’s usually agreeing to a consultation. But if cold calling…

How to Use Gifts to Win Business and Snag Referrals

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Finding Customers Startup Advice / May 13, 2014

Gifts can be powerful. They can brighten someone’s day, communicate friendship, and keep romantic relationships fresh and exciting. When applied to the business world, giving gifts to prospects or clients can turn leads into clients and relationships into referrals. Dropbox recently saw great success with its two-sided incentive program. Any users who invited a friend to try the service earned extra storage space for themselves and the friend.…

Find Out How to Convert Leads Early and More Often

by / ⠀Finding Customers Startup Advice / January 18, 2012

Internet marketing is a constantly changing atmosphere but one thing has stayed the same since I entered the online marketing world around ten years ago: Marketers are great at getting people at the end of the sales cycle into making a purchase, but they aren’t as sharp at getting people who don’t know about them or don’t know if they want to buy their product (but still might)…

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