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Hiring the Right People Without Going Broke

by / ⠀Startup Advice / May 22, 2011

The average startup faces a number of challenges in the effort to grow into a sustainable enterprise. The average CEO finds him or herself making colossal decisions on a daily basis during the first few years of business. One of those key decisions revolves around people. A study of the most successful enterprises reveals the importance of hiring the right people. One question I get often is how…

4 Steps To Attracting Big Brands

by / ⠀Finding Customers Startup Advice / May 19, 2011

Attracting big brands is an art and science. In the new economy, big brands are finally realizing that they have to keep their finger on the pulse of what their customers are paying attention to and doing. Their best ally is a smaller company that has the agility to quickly develop the content, services, and products that address the needs of a target market. Partnering with big brands…

How To Fire A Bad Client as an Entrepreneur

by / ⠀Startup Advice / May 17, 2011

Most successful entrepreneurs can point to a time when they were dealing with a client and things took a turn for a worse. A payment came in late. E-mails stop being returned. Requested materials weren’t submitted. After a period of time, there’s a realization that the client has become a handful and that maintaining the relationship is more trouble than it’s worth. The desire to keep a client…

Creating Leverage on a Shoestring Budget

by / ⠀Startup Advice / August 26, 2010

Leverage. We’ve heard the word tossed around by gurus, moguls, and business experts, but they conveniently forget to tell us how to create that leverage and what to do if we don’t have millions or even thousands of dollars to create it. Today, I’m offering 3 simple ways to create leverage on a shoestring budget. Whether you’re trying to grow your business to 6 and 7 figures or…

3 Simple Rules for Selling in the New Economy

by / ⠀Finding Customers Startup Advice / August 3, 2010

Every entrepreneur knows that the key to a thriving business is sales. Without it, cash flow dries up, checks turn to rubber, and heads roll. With it, few things are impossible. The challenge for most entrepreneurs is understanding how to sell what they offer. Throughout the years, the sales gurus of our parents’ generation have offered their conventional wisdom about “building rapport” and “explaining the features”. In the…

Networking That Works: 7 Secrets for Turning Connections into Cash

by / ⠀Personal Branding Startup Advice / April 22, 2010

So we’ve all heard that your network determines your net worth, but how? I mean, you can swap business cards, “do lunch” and Facebook friend cool entrepreneurs you meet, but how do you turn connections into cash? As an entrepreneur with my feet firmly planted in two industries, business and entertainment, I’ve had to become really great at networking to keep my business growing. I’ve made plenty of mistakes…

Dude, Where’s My Time?

by / ⠀Startup Advice / February 9, 2010

“Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.” Time – it’s one of the most precious things a young CEO has and yet we often use it so carelessly. Between family, friends, social outings, seminars, and running a successful business, there are a lot of demands on our time. Take a moment to consider how you spend your time – are you using…

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