4 Secrets to a Successful Newsletter

by / ⠀Startup Advice / December 3, 2012

These days too many businesses are making the critical mistake of leaving money on the table.  Potential customers that would have inevitably purchased your products and services in the future visit your site, disappear, and are never to be heard from again. Unfortunately, this often has little to do with your actual company.  It’s a matter of consumers not remembering your site once they have left the computer. …

Six Tips to Creating a Newsletter That Works

by / ⠀Finding Customers Startup Advice / May 10, 2012

How often do you hit ‘delete’ on an email newsletter that pops into your already crowded inbox?  That’s exactly right, me too, probably 7 out of 10 times. That’s really bad news for people who send out email newsletters! In fact, a lot of newsletters get less than a 20% opening rate, so only every fifth person even opens your newsletter! The good news is that there are a…

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