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Startups and Funding Ideas for Raising Capital

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Funding / November 9, 2021

It’s almost always costly to turn a great idea into a successful product. Most startups fail because of a lack of access to adequate funding. How do you turn your startup vision into a reality? Here are a few suggestions. Self-Funding/Bootstrapping A lot of entrepreneurs begin their startups with an amount of self-funding (also called bootstrapping). Future investors are likely to be looking to know if you have…

4 Most Common Myths Entrepreneurs Believe About Raising Capital

by / ⠀Funding / April 10, 2012

I work at a technology-based business incubator, and one of my roles is to help our clients raise capital.  Whether these companies are trying to raise capital through debt or equity, the entrepreneurs tend to have some pretty interesting assumptions about the process of raising capital.  I hate to be a “dream-crusher”, but I often have to break the news that the capital raising process just doesn’t work…

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