Sandip Singh

Why Rational People Won’t Succeed

by / ⠀Personal Branding Startup Advice / October 8, 2012

Starting and running a truly successful business is more often that not, a difficult task. You will need to work incredibly hard and you’ll run into all types of risks, hurdles, setbacks and more. This is the point where rational people will give up. Rational people can’t function without eating, sleeping and having time to unwind. They don’t want to be locked away from family and friends, building a…

The Biggest Risk Is Not Taking One

by / ⠀Personal Branding Startup Advice / July 18, 2012

The headline is a quote that has been preached by some of the most successful business people out there. And there’s a reason why they’re successful, they took risks to create something awesome and it paid off. Now, if you’re not moving forward at the pace that you want, think about the risks that you’re avoiding. Here are two of the most common fears that have prevented this…

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