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Free Business Tools: 4 Software Packages to Help Lower Your Overhead

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / July 20, 2021
Starting a new business? Need to keep expenses down? These free business tools can help trim overhead and expenses as you prepare to launch.

Starting a new business is never simple. There are so many different components in play simultaneously that it can prove daunting to stay on track. This is why free business tools need to be an entrepreneur’s first choice whenever possible. Seasoned professionals know that getting a new product or service to market is only half the challenge. After that, you have to implement a plan for marketing your…

The Dating Game: Preparing Your Investor Pitch

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Funding Startup Advice / November 24, 2013

Maybe you’re still immersed in the dating scene. Perhaps you haven’t ventured into that realm for more than 20 years. Either way, if you’re getting ready to pitch investors on your company, you need to practice your wooing skills. Linking up with investors requires you to impress, and there isn’t much difference between a bad pickup line and a poorly formulated investment pitch. Here’s how to make your…

Does Age Affect the Amount of Money You Raise for Your Startup?

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / January 7, 2013

With so many young entrepreneurs bursting into the tech startup scene, it can sometimes seem that age is no longer a factor when gaining investor support for your business. As a young entrepreneur myself, I disagree. Being a young business owner has clear pros and cons. By understanding and being aware of how your age can both help and hurt your chances for attracting investors, you will be…

No Money, Mo Problems: 5 Ways to Stay Positive While Starting Up

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / October 29, 2012

You had a light bulb moment. You jotted down the idea. You did some research. You wrote a business plan. You’ve got skill. You’ve got passion. You’ve quit your job! You’re an entrepreneur. All of this sounds great, but so many entrepreneurs are caught off guard when they are not greeted with immediate entry into the market, clients lining up for services or customers screaming for their new…

Conquering the Road Ahead: 5 Tips to Secure Startup Funding

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / May 24, 2012

Whether early-stage, late-stage or development state, financing is the lifeblood of every startup, yet raising capital can often be quite challenging for entrepreneurs. The funding process is a long, windy road and without direction, you could easily lose your way. Here are a few tips I’ve learned from my personal experience on how to best attract investment dollars and commercialize your startup idea. Perfect Your Finance Pitch The…

6 Sources of Startup Funding and Their Pros and Cons

by / ⠀Funding / April 13, 2012

Alternative funding series brought to you by Verifico. Attempting to find financing for your startup can be confusing even discouraging, if you don’t have knowledge of your options. There are numerous routes you can take in both the Private Equity and Debt Financing worlds. It is essential to be knowledgeable about all of the options and to weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision. Listed…

Pitching to Investors at Y Combinator Growing Rapidly

by / ⠀Funding / August 26, 2010

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shows that the Y Combinator has grown tremendously in the 5 years since its launch. Y Combinator is a program for startup companies that provides them with resources, mentorship and connections for a small piece of equity. There are many similar programs that have popped up over the years but the Y Combinator is one of the most established and…

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