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How to Turn Your Facebook ‘Likes’ into Love – Facebook Brand Advocate FAQs

by / ⠀Finding Customers / October 21, 2012

As any smart business owner today will tell you, Facebook isn’t just a means of viewing pictures of your former classmate. It’s a powerful tool that can not only help establish your brand’s identity, but also expand and grow your business exponentially.  The beauty of Facebook as a marketing tool is its duality.  While providing the opportunity to reach a large audience, it also possesses the ability to speak to each customer individually.  In doing so, you connect…

Why Your Company Needs to be Social

by / ⠀Startup Advice / July 21, 2010

Once simply a platform to connect with old friends and share thoughts, pictures and status updates, social networking sites have turned into an empowering place for companies to give information and instantaneously receive feedback from customers. Tapping into this powerful and niche world, big businesses, small start-up companies, bands and personas are beginning to understand the important role that social networking sites hold on their individual successes. According…

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