118 Must See Interviews With Amazing Entrepreneurs and People

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A few years ago we published a huge roundup of interviews with awesome people. Since then many of the links were broken as videos and articles had been moved and of course many new interviews have been produced. Below, we have updated all of the links, added in more recent interviews where needed and added a whole bunch of new people to the list.

Everything on here will educate and inspire you. Spend a few less minutes watching cute animals and a few more minutes learning about these amazing people.

1.) Warren Buffett – Billionaire Investor

Buffet with Bill and Melinda Gates

2.) Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sit down at the All Things Digital Conference.

3.) Larry Ellison – Founder of Oracle

Oracle founder on Achivement.org

4.) Mark Cuban – Owner of the Dallas Mavericks and HDNet

When I die, I want to come back as me” at TechCrunch

5.) Oprah Winfrey – Media Entrepreneur

Larry King Interviews Oprah on The Secret.

6.) Tony Robbins – Peak Performance Coach and Entrepreneur

Tony Robbins’ TED Talk “Why we do what we do and how we can do it better”

7.) Richard Branson – Billionaire founder of Virgin

15 Small Business Lessons with Branson at Open Forum

8.) Mark Zuckerberg – Founder of Facebook

60 Minutes Interview

9.) Jack Dorsey – Founder of Twitter and Square

The Innovator: Jack Dorsey 60 Minutes

10.) Ted Turner – Media Entrepreneur

Interviewed by Mashable’s Pete Cashmore at the UN

11.) George Soros – Billionaire Investor

Eric Schmidt Interviews George Soros at Google

12.) Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon.com

Wired’s Chris Anderson Interviews Bezos

13.) Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Google Founders

Ted Talk on Google

14.) Elon Musk – Founder of Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX

Entrepreneur Mentor Interview at Mahalo

15.) Ron Conway – Venture Capitalist

Hour long interview with Ron Conway at Stanford Business School

16.) Michael Dell – Founder of Dell Computers

Mastermind interview with Michael Dell

17.) Marc Andreessen – Software Entrepreneur

We’re not in a bubble” at the Wall Street Journal

18.) Paul Graham – Founder of Y-Combinator

How Y Combinator Helped 172 Startups Take Off

19.) Jay-Z – Hip Hop Entrepreneur

Interview on Forbes with Jay-Z and Warren Buffet

20.) Michael Bloomberg – Entrepreneur and Mayor of New York

Bloomberg Speaking at Techstars New York Demo Day

21.) Tony Hsieh – Founder of Zappos

Under30CEO talks about company culture with Tony Hsieh.

22.) Sean Parker – Internet Entrepreneur

Jimmy Fallon drills Sean Parker on tech.

23.) Tim O’Reilly – Software and Media Entrepreneur

Jason Calacanis interviews Tim O’Reilly at SXSW

24.) Steve Wozniak – Founder of Apple

Founders at Work with Woz

25.) Phil Knight – Founder of Nike

Exclusive Interview by Oprah on Nike

26.) Howard Schultz – Founder of Starbucks

The Harvard Business Review Interviews Starbucks Founder

27.) Carl Icahn – Billionaire Investor

Ichan’s Drexel University Commencement Speech

28.) Pierre Omidyar – Founder of Ebay

The Guardian does a rare interview with Omidyar

29.) Ralph Lauren – Fashion Entrepreneur

Oprah interviews RL

30.) Charles Schwab – Investor

Money Magazine talks investing with Schwab

31.) Reid Hoffman – Founder of LinkedIn

Billionaire Founder gives 5 tips to startups on WSJ

32.) Peter Thiel – Founder of Paypal and Venture Capitalist

Billionaire on BigThink

33.) Steve Case – Founder of AOL

Talks Job Creation via Startup America on CNBC

34.) Jimmy Wales – Founder of Wikipedia

John Stewart interviews Jimmy Wales on the Daily Show

35.) Andrew Mason – Founder of Groupon

Bloomberg Interviews the Founder of Groupon

36.) Ariana Huffington – Founder of The Huffington post

Talks about breaking into blogging at Technorati

37.) Donald Trump – Billionaire Real Estate Investor

Under30CEO Interview with Donald Trump

38.) John Doerr – Billionaire Venture Capitalist

Mark Zuckerberg with John Doerr

39.) Wayne Huizenga – Founder of Blockbuster, Waste Management and Pro Sports team owner

Talks on CNBC about the Art of the Deal

40.) Barry Diller – Media Executive

Diller talks to CNN at SXSW

41.) Herb Kelleher – Founder of Southwest Airlines

Has a series of interviews on I am CNBC

42.) Bob Parsons – Founder of GoDaddy

Starting GoDaddy

43.) Diddy – Hip Hop Entrepreneur

ABC News calls Diddy the Modern Mogul

44.) Ev Williams – Founder of Twitter

Interviewed by Charlie Rose

45.) Fred Wilson – Venture Capitalist

Chris Dixon interviews Fred Wilson

46.) David Cohen – Founder of Techstars

ReadWriteWeb interviews Techstars founder

47.) Chris Dixon – Venture Capitalist

Here is an in depth interview with Chris Dixon on Mixergy

48.) Michael Arrington – Founder of Techcrunch

A day in the life of a $10million a year blogger

49.) Gary Vaynerchuk – Media/Wine Entrepreneur

Jason Calacanis interviews Gary in one of the best This Week in Startups ever.

50.) Jason Calacanis – Internet Entrepreneur and Investor

Jason Calacanis gets interviewed on This Week in Startups

51.) Jason Fried – Internet Entrepreneur

Big Think Interviews Jason Fried about ReWork

52.) Dharmesh Shah – Founder of Hubspot

Interview of  Dharmesh on Mixergy

53.) Mark Suster – Venture Capitalist

Gets interviewed by Jascon Calcanis before he takes over This Week In Venture Capital

54.) Dennis Crowley – Founder of Foursquare

Kevin Rose interviews Dennis Crowley

55.) Pete Cashmore – Founder of Mashable

Pete Cashmore at SXSW

56.) Brad Feld – Venture Capitalist

Vator News asks How to Get Funding

57.) Matt Mullenweg – Founder of WordPress

Inc Magazine features Matt in their greg series “The Way I Work

58.) Kevin Rose – Founder of Digg.com and Podcaster

Interview at Web2.0 Summit 2011

59.) Peter Shankman – Founder of Help a Reporter

BlogCastFM Interviews Peter Shankman

60.) Eric Ries – Entrepreneur and Author

On Techcrunch: “Don’t Be In A Rush To Get Big, Be In A Rush To Have A Great Product

61.) David Tisch – Director of Techstars New York

TechCocktail interviews David Tisch and David Cohen

62.) John Reese – Internet Marketer

Tony Robbins interviews Frank Kern and John Reese

63.) Keith Ferrazzi – Author of Never Eat Alone

WSJ asks Keith Ferrazzi “Who’s Got Your Back?

64.) Gina Trapani – Founder of Lifehacker

Tim Ferriss interviews Lifehacker Gina Trapani

65.) Neil Strauss – Author and Marketer

Speaks in the series: Authors @Google

66.) Chris Brogan – Blogger and Marketer

Talks about helping small businesses at CES2011

67.) Daniel Pink – Author and Journalist

CBS Moneywatch asks Daniel “What Really Motivates Workers?

68.) Ivanka Trump – Entrepreneur

Huffington Post interviews Ivanka in the Trump Tower

69.) Ben Huh – Founder of Cheezeburger Media Network

Shama Kabini interviews Ben on the future of journalism

70.) Ben Lerer – Founder of Thrillist

Ben on starting Thrillist

71.) Kenneth Cole – Fashion Entrepreneur

Kenneth talks to CNN about the inspirational storiesin his book

72.) Naveen Jain – Internet Entrepreneur

Jain on Bloomberg talking about Google Lunar X Prizerace to the moon

73.) Guy Kawasaki – Author and Entrepreneur

Talk at Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner. “Entrepreneurship is for you young people”

74.) Magic Johnson – Entrepreneur and NBA Hall of Famer

Our friend Tiffany Black Interviews Magic Johnson on Inc

75.) Ryan Allis – Founder of iContact

On his $169M sale to Vocus

76.) David Karp – Founder of Tumblr

David Karp on TechCrunchTVsays Blogs Don’t Work

77.) Ashton Kutcher – Early Stage Investor

What Ashton Kutcher looks for in tech investments on TechCrunch

78.) Tyra Banks – Media Entrepreneur

On going to Harvard Business Schoolat CBS News

79.) Steve Young – Venture Capitalist

Talks about his investment strategy on Bloomberg TV

80.) Ryan Leslie – Hip Hop Entrepreneur

This Harvard Grad interviewed on Fox Business

81.) Rob Dyrdek – Action Sports Entrepreneur

Inc calls Fantasy Factory America’s Coolest Workspace. Q+A With Dyrdek

82.) MC Hammer – Hip Hop Entrepreneur

Interview at Web2.0 Summit

83.) Chamillionaire – Hip Hop Entrepreneur

Michael Arrington talks social currency with Chamillionaire

84.) Darren Rowse – Blogger

Gideon Shalwick interviews ProBlogger

85.) Gina Bianchini – Founder of Ning

Gina Bianchini talks about founding Leanin.org

86.) Sara Blakely – Founder of Spanx

Talks about Resiliency on Entrepreneur

87.) Russel Simmons – Hip Hop Entrepreneur

NPR Interviews Entrepreneur Russel Simmons

88.) Wendy Kopp – Founder of Teach for America

Talks about Teach for American on the Colbert Report

89.) Kevin Plank – Founder of Under Armour

How I Did It with Inc Magazine

90.) Anita Roddick – Founder of The Body Shop

Anita tells their entrepreneurial story

91.) Robert Kiyosaki – Entrepreneur and Author

Under30CEO Interviews Robert Kiyosaki

92.) Justine Ezarik – Media Entrepreneur

FastCompany on iJustine getting 300 million YouTube views

93.) Barbara Corcoran – Real Estate Entrepreneur

Under30CEO Interviews Barbara Corcoran

94.) Rev Run – Hip Hop Entrepreneur

Huffington Post Interviews Rev Run

95.) Blake Ross – Founder of Mozilla

How to Make Millions

96.) Tim O’ Shaughnessy – Founder of Living Social

Business Insider interviews Living Social founder

97.) Dave Morin – Founder of Path

Interview at Techcrunch Disrupt with Dave Morin

98.) Brian Solis – Marketer

The Rise to the Top Interviews Brian Solis

99.) Robert Scoble – Blogger

Watch Scoble at Stanford Business School

100.) Seth Godin – Marketing guru

Under30CEO interviews Seth Godin

101.) Richard Branson – Founder of Virgin Group

Life at 30,000 feet – Talk at TED

102.) Kevin Systrom – Founder Instagram

Kevin Rose interviews Kevin Systrom

103.) Drew Houston – Founder Dropbox

Forbes get the inside story behind Dropbox

104.) Steve Jobs – Founder Apple Inc.

Rare 1990 interview with Steve Jobs

105.) Steve Jobs – Founder Apple Inc.

2010 interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs

106.) David Karp – Founder Tumblr

Interview on Tumblr growth and monetization

107.) John Paul Dejoria – Founder Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron

Barbra Walters interviews John on being a billionaire

108.) Lynn Tilton – Private equity queen

Barbra Walters interviews Lynn on going from rags to riches

109.) Michael Jordan – NBA Hall of Famer

Michael Jordan turns 50 and talks about his drive

110.) Yvon Chouinard – Founder Patagonia

Yvon is interviewed about his life and values

111.) Mary Kay Ash – Founder Mary Kay Cosmetics

A look back on a 1979 interview with Mary Kay Ash

112.) Tim Ferriss – Best selling author

Tim Ferriss Interview on The 4-Hour Workweek

113.) Sherly Sandberg – COO of Facebook

Women & Money interview on 60 Minutes

114.) Marissa Mayer – CEO Yahoo

NPR Correspondent Laura Sydell interviews Marissa on her life

115.) Ben Silbermann – Co-founder Pinterest

Ben Silbermann on startups and going your own way

116.) Jenn Hyman –  Co-founder and CEO of Rent the Runway

How Rent the Runway delivers “Cindarella Moments”

117.) Alexandra Wilson – Co-founder Gilt Groupe

How Gilt was built and changed the way millions shop

118.) Jason Goldberg – Founder Fab.com

Kevin Rose interviews Jason on Foundation

It’s crazy but I’m sure we missed some. Let us know in the comments!

Jared O’Toole is the co-founder of Under30Media. You can find him on Twitter or Google. 

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