5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Direct Sales

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Direct sales is not for the faint of heart—it takes discipline, grit, and fierce tenacity. And yet putting yourself out there, connecting with others, and sharing what you love comes with amazing benefits.

If you or someone you know is in direct sales, you probably already know how great entrepreneurship can be. As an independent distributor with the right company, you’re starting a business with low startup costs and high-quality products people love. And you get to do business on your own terms, set your own hours, and earn a modest supplemental income for your efforts.

As with anything, the threat of burnout is real. But never fear! Here are five simple tips to keep yourself motivated as you strive for direct selling success.

1. Know Your Why

Before you start your business, you should know why you’re passionate about it. Do you love the products? Perhaps you like sharing with friends and family and getting to know new people on the internet. Are you a natural salesperson who enjoys fostering relationships through product recommendations? Earning a little extra on the side while showing off your favorite hobby is always nice—or maybe direct selling is the hobby.

Once you know your why, many companies will lean in to support their direct sellers. Take USANA Health Sciences, for example. This direct seller in the nutritional supplement and wellness industry recently launched their Start Something! campaign to encourage people to embark on something healthy and fun. Take a daily vitamin, learn a new sport, or simply sit down and read a book. Your incentive to start something could be simple or complex. But whatever it is, it’s reason enough to buckle down and dive in.

2. Invest in yourself

Getting ahead in direct selling is as easy as investing in yourself and honing your skills. Most companies you partner with will champion your personal development, providing free training and resources to help you be the best distributor you can be. They may also have networking events where you’ll meet like-minded business builders and learn from each other.

If you haven’t chosen a company yet, or if they don’t offer many resources, there are plenty of books, podcasts, and free classes online to gain some nuggets of wisdom. Just remember: you’re worth investing in.

3. Have a plan

Direction and vision are all-important for any pursuit in life. And this is no less true for entrepreneurs. A lack of motivation may leave you feeling rudderless and discouraged, but it doesn’t mean your business dreams are dead in the water. Simply look for a fresh breath of inspiration to push you forward. Find a new sales angle—or take advantage of your partner company’s latest promotion. A product launch or discovering a new favorite product are great opportunities to introduce something new to your customers and revitalize your business.

4. Lean on your support system

Connection is key. Talk to your sales mentors when you start to feel unmotivated—and listen to their advice. You’re certainly not the only person who needs a kick-start from time to time. And when it comes to teams, direct selling companies have fantastic networks and communities of people, just like you, who are there to offer support and encouragement. In this industry, no one should ever feel alone—especially if you have a great team, Facebook group, or local friends also into direct selling.

5. Track your goals—and celebrate your wins

Nothing is more motivating than a great reward! As you set your business goals, make sure they’re small and measurable enough you can celebrate each win. Patting yourself on the back for a job well done feels great—and rewarding yourself gives you what you need to go the distance. Direct selling companies do their best to incentivize you with small prizes, cash bonuses, or even luxury trips for top earners. Even a little win can do wonders.

You’ve Got This

Direct sales is rewarding, but sometimes you need a little extra push to stay excited and motivated. With a few simple tweaks to your mindset, investment in yourself and your community, and some solid goals, you’ll be on your way to success in no time. You get out what you put in—and if you’ve dedicated yourself to this exciting industry, you’ve got what it takes to keep going.

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