8 Lucrative Freelancing Gigs With a Master of Data Science

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Before exploring a particular area of study, it’s only natural to be curious about the types of jobs you can do upon graduation. Many people are more than happy entering fields that require them to be employed by businesses. Yet, others want to study with the goal of working for themselves in a freelancing capacity. If you’re currently studying toward your master of data science, here are some of the many jobs you might be able to take on as a self-employed entrepreneur with big dreams.

Teaching and Tutoring

Many masters of data science Malaysia students are so passionate about the field of data science that they want to share their knowledge with others. While you might be more than happy to share your expertise for free, there’s also potential for you to make money in a teaching and tutoring capacity.

Once you’ve graduated with your master of data science, consider advertising your services on online platforms. You might be surprised by how many people want to learn the fundamentals or more advanced areas of data science to help them in their own lines of work.

Machine Learning

Machine learning involves using and developing computer systems that can learn and adapt to algorithms and statistical models without having to follow detailed instructions. This line of work is complex, which is why many businesses prefer to outsource machine learning to experts who have spent months studying its many intricacies. When you take on machine learning in a freelancing capacity, you can enjoy working on a range of different projects. This includes building bots and recommendation systems that benefit companies’ bottom lines.


When you’re an expert in the data science field, your experience, skills, and qualifications are invaluable. Use your talents to your advantage by contracting yourself to businesses as a data science consultant. While you won’t be involved in the inner workings of data science, businesses can hire you to provide solutions to problems, analyze current practices, and provide input to ensure they’re doing what’s best for their business. Out of all data science jobs, consultancy is among the most profitable, with the average consultant earning upwards of $120,000 annually.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial scientists are highly skilled people who work with financial and insurance organizations. They evaluate their risks and assist with economic stability. They use their mathematics, statistics, and probability skills to help businesses put preventative measures in place. Essentially, they try and predict the future. With a master of data science, you can work your way toward a role in actuarial science. Then, you potentially become an in-demand freelance actuarial scientist.

Digital Product Design

Digital product designers can perform a wide range of tasks within a business. This includes market research, UX writing, and software development. The scope of responsibilities for this role is so wide-ranging. You might take on dramatically different projects in each company you work for.

Digital product designers are in demand due to their importance in attracting new customers to a business. Along with this, they simultaneously add value to that business. Many startups, product-based corporations, and software companies actively seek digital product designers to assist on a short-term or long-term basis.

Data Cleaning

Data cleaning involves detecting and fixing inaccurate or corrupt data from a database or record set. It’s time-consuming and complex. Additionally, it is typically a task that requires experts with data manipulation knowledge who can also spot trends and anomalies. Due to the level of industry knowledge this job requires and how time-intensive it can be, many businesses outsource data cleaning to companies and freelancers who can work on it at their own pace.

Data Science Modeling

If you’re proficient in mathematics and statistics, programming, big data technology, and data visualization, you might be able to become a data science modeling freelancer. This job requires you to create descriptive link diagrams and develop storage options that allow for easy access and reporting. As it requires a significant amount of work and skill, many people employed in this line of work might enjoy lucrative remuneration of more than $50 per hour.

Data Science Content Creators

Many businesses are starting to see the value in having data science knowledge. If you’re able to read data with more proficiency and understanding, you might make better decisions for your company. Decisions that increase its profit potential in the future.

However, knowing where to get this knowledge is not always easy. If you become a freelance data science content creator, you could create programs and resources for businesses. Then, charge them for the privilege. These educational resources might also provide you with a passive form of income while you take on more lucrative work in the field.

It’s not always easy to know what you want to do after graduating with a master of data science. However, if the idea of working for yourself has always appealed, you could take on some of the jobs above. The more businesses you work for, the more well-known in the data science community you might become. Then, the higher your earning potential might be.

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