Are Electric Cars Preferred in America?

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Are Electric Cars Preferred in America

Unless you have been under a rock in the last decades, it’s possible to see in every newspaper and on the internet that electric cars are gaining popularity and are a big factor in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and save ourselves from climate change. By the way, it’s already pretty out there, right?

Well, how is that possible? If you remember, a few years ago, electric cars were a subject that everybody thought needed a lot of improvement. But the future is here; yes, EVs are a big new deal. That’s possible because all the problems of the past are being solved: battery technology, charging infrastructure, and, most importantly, they’re a great ride.

The big minds of the country are on the EVs side: as data from Carnegie Mellon University showed, 7% of new vehicle sales in the United States. It does not seem like a big deal, but it is a big step because projections show that by 2030, electric cars and SUVs will be huge rivals of gasoline-powered vehicles. Is the future against the past? You tell me.

The batteries are better, and that’s a big plus

Since the batteries are increasingly better, this technology is making the transport sector go forward, bringing us a new era of efficiency and reliability. That’s what we need right now. Innovative solutions in e-mobility are widely used as solid-state batteries, a big innovation that makes the lithium-ion counterparts a thing of the past. If Marty McFly and Doc travel to 2024 and see the superior energy density, they will say, “Wow!”.

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There is some other technology that’s revolutionizing the market today, and it’s silicon anode batteries. How are they better? They increase energy storage capacity and extend the life of the batteries. That is important, I may say. It works by using silicon instead of graphite anodes (so 00s, right?), that’s why they can hold more charge and drive for longer periods, making the electric car more useful on long trips.

Do you think that’s it? No, no, no. Another element that makes batteries a lot better now is lithium-sulfur. They make these bad boys much more efficient and budget-friendly — a win-win situation. Since they have a higher energy density, they cost less companies to produce, meaning less money comes from everyone’s pockets. That makes EVs reach a broader market.

To wrap this up, let’s talk about something that everybody (or almost everybody loves) nowadays: second-hand batteries. That’s indeed a good thing because it’s possible to repurpose used batteries and recycling materials, producing less waste and making this much cheaper. Everyone wins, especially the planet.

Let’s charge this thing

Looking for a parking spot is more exhausting than looking for a charging station. But things are getting better, honestly. It is now possible to see those charging stations equipped with technologies that can charge electric cars very fast and easily. With more and more charging points everywhere, having an electric car is becoming more practical.

It is not only speed that we are talking about but also the quality of the charge. With better batteries charged more efficiently, the juice will last longer, and the driver can go everywhere without looking for a charging station.

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We almost don’t use cables and wires anymore because, let’s face it, wires are a thing of the past, and wireless charging is becoming more and more real. How is that possible? Magnetic coils! One in the charger, one in the car, and boom. When the two pads align, the charger sends current to the car. But as futuristic as that sounds, Qualcomm was already doing that in 2012. The good news is that this technology is reaching new places.

Read a book and let the car drive itself

Are Electric Cars Preferred in America

We finally reach the science fiction stuff we all want to know about self-driving cars. They are coming, and we are happy about it. Can you imagine reaching your destination with your arms crossed, watching the view, or reading the news while the car does everything alone? That would be great. But don’t worry; they will figure out a way that the plot of Terminator or The Matrix will never be real.

We all like the experience of driving and fully operating the machine under us, and that will be possible too. But it is good to know that advanced sensors and AI will help us navigate the roads and make everything safer and smarter by reducing the potential for human errors and making decisions faster than our great brains can. Just trust the machine; they are not the Skynet.

The power of the sun

Photovoltaic cells are increasingly present in every building and house in the US and worldwide. Using the sun’s power is a good way to charge our cars while driving them. Can you imagine the beautiful sunny days in LA making juice for the car’s batteries? That’s the dream!

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The great news is that it’s already possible. The smart students at the Eindhoven University of Technology made the Stella Terra, with a solar roof capable of harnessing sunlight to power the vehicle. During the tests, they could drive 400 miles on a single charge. While there’s sun out there, the vehicle is being charged, and we all know we have a lot of beautiful sunny days here in the US.

Renewable energy is the present and the future, and we need to make the most of it while we can, as we see more and more every day that the planet is asking for help, and we need to listen to it.

Looking Forward

The future of EVs, not only in America but the whole world, is increasingly present in our lives nowadays. With advances in technology, government, and private industry support, and a radical change in people’s consumer behavior, electric cars, and all their potential benefits will become increasingly accessible to all of us.

There are challenges, but it’s up to us as a nation to continue setting examples for the world to create a more sustainable, green, and efficient future for future generations.


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