Armitage Launches Consultancy for Wealth Management CEOs

by / ⠀News / February 27, 2024
"Consultancy Launch"

A seasoned professional, Carolyn Armitage has initiated her consultancy firm, “Carolyn Armitage Consulting,” designed explicitly for the CEO’s commanding wealth management firms. Combining profound knowledge in finance and vast experience, the firm aims to guide executives through the intricate world of wealth management.

Armitage’s unique consulting approach is centered on creating customized solutions that promote efficiency and improve results. She firmly believes in providing strategies that correspond to the individual needs of each wealth management firm she cooperates with.

The consultancy focuses on strategic planning, executive leadership development, team leadership, and decision-making strategies, with a special emphasis on succession planning. By focusing on these areas, Carolyn positions herself to bridge a critical gap in the wealth management sector by addressing the often overlooked human aspect of business management. Effective communication, she believes, may significantly influence the success or failure of a business.

Armitage understands the complexities involved in managing the human dimension.

Armitage understands the complexities involved in managing the human dimension and offers innovative solutions to enhance interpersonal skills, improve client relationships, and enrich the quality of wealth management services.

Furthermore, Armitage offers two payment options to provide flexibility to customers; an hourly charge for brief consultations and a one-time payment for larger and more comprehensive projects. The flexible payment structure ensures value for money, regardless of the job’s size or complexity.

Armitage gained her vast experience from several roles in wealth management, notably her significant contributions to the overhaul of the wealth management division at Thrivent. Her revolutionary ideas transformed conventional methods, providing fresh perspectives and efficient strategies that lead to improved productivity, efficient resource utilization, and increased customer satisfaction.

Prior to establishing her consulting firm, Armitage served as a managing director at Echelon Partners, a company renowned for its proficiency in investment banking and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) consulting. This role significantly cultivated her leadership skills, further solidifying her prowess in the field. She continues to display a sincere passion for the financial sector, propelling her career to greater heights.

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