Artist Dionn Renee Founds Multi-Faceted Advertising Agency

by / ⠀News / February 29, 2024
"Artist Agency"

Dionn Renee, a recognized artist and Tyler School of Art at Temple University alumna, is known for her work in various artistic fields. She successfully melds her artistic talents with a sharp business instinct. Guided by the values of authenticity and singularity, she has established a comprehensive platform for her art.

Plans are underway for Renee to set up an all-encompassing advertising agency in the heart of Allison Hill, where she aims to balance commerce with a commitment to her creative roots. The agency will host several events and showcase her artwork, in addition to featuring a 93.1 FM radio station. Renee also intends to incorporate film production services and a public relations wing, transforming her agency into a one-stop solution for all advertising and event needs.

A core part of Renee’s plan is to open a bookstore that carries a unique collection of art, design, and fashion books, aiming to inspire clients and local artists. Moreover, she also plans to build a state-of-the-art recording studio to meet her broadcasting needs. This will also serve as a platform for promoting emerging talents in the area.

Renee’s entrepreneurial journey began under less-than-idea circumstances, when a promised payment for her artwork in a big movie poster design competition failed to come through. This incident led her to enroll in business law classes to safeguard her rights and eventually, the idea of merging business and art into a startup took root.

Fueled by her experiences, Renee fights against exploitation in the art industry, advocating for fair contracts and ensuring budding artists understand the legal aspects of their work. In addition to her advocacy, she also fulfills a mentoring role for young artists, aiming to help protect them from potential exploitation. Through her resilience and courage, she is steadily paving her way towards a transformative journey in the art world.

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Despite some challenges along the way, Renee remains positive and forward-looking, focusing on the growth of her company while building relationships within the community. Her enthusiasm and ambition continue to drive her forward. Renee’s perseverance in the face of obstacles further accentuates her resilience, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to her project.

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