Australian dollar nears three-year peak amid bullish trend

by / ⠀Featured Finance News / April 30, 2024
"Bullish Australian Dollar"

The Australian Dollar is at a nearly three-year high thanks to recent increases in risk propensity and strong demand for commodities. This trend is backed by effective COVID-19 management and quick economic recovery.

Market analysts believe Australia’s dominant role in the global commodities sector and impressive growth in mining and exports are key drivers of this surge. However, due to global market dynamics, warnings have been sounded about possible future fluctuations.

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) positive economic outlook boosts this upward trajectory. Significantly, since the recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation statistics surpassed expectations, such optimistic signals from both the central bank and robust economic indicators create a favorable platform for further growth of the Australian Dollar.

Judo Bank’s Chief Economic Advisor forecasts possible increases by the central bank in cash rates in 2024. Predicted incremental changes could lead to a significant 5.1% total value increase. This move could be strategic and signify shifts in the financial environment.

Investors are eagerly awaiting the March Retail Sales data.

Australian dollar’s rise: factors and expectations

Insights into consumer spending trends provide direct implications for inflation and GDP patterns. Depending on the results, they could significantly impact the market.

The US Dollar has slumped, possibly due to increased market risk propensity. The US Federal Reserve has maintained interest rates to address inflation concerns that might lead to a further drop in dollar value. However, a likely rebound is predicted due to strong US economic fundamentals and ongoing trade negotiations.

The stock market has seen growth driven by positive Wall Street performance and the ASX 200 Index. Steady gains in U.S. shares and impressive profit reports from tech giants have contributed to an optimistic investment environment.

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In Q1 of 2024, Australia’s CPI reached a new high, while the Aussie Dollar is projected to rise further, with support believed to be around 0.6500. As Q2 of 2024 unfolds, experts forecast a bullish trend for the Aussie Dollar backed by strong economic indicators. Analysts predict the Dollar may find its next resistance near 0.6600.

The consumer price index (CPI) soared to unprecedented heights in Q1. Coupled with robust economic performance, it is expected to maintain a stable performance, fuelling positive domestic economic sentiment.

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