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Why Is XRP Still Worth Considering?

by / ⠀Finance / September 9, 2022
XRP crypto mining

The crypto sector has vast potential, and there is no doubt that Ripple is a major player. Despite its legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ripple is one of the most prominent assets in the ever-growing crypto market. So what do we need to know about Ripple and why is XRP still worth considering?  What Is Ripple?  Ripple is one of the leaders in…

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): History and Possible Future

by / ⠀Finance / September 8, 2022
Decentralized autonomous organizations wallet money

Cryptocurrency has flooded the financial sector, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are one of the most prominent players in the field. So what are DAOs and their possible role in the financial world of 2022 and beyond? DAO Defined DAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.  Decentralized means there is no sole regulator in any decision-making process.  Autonomous means something governs itself.  An organization means a community of individuals…

Tips to Avoid Emotional Investment While Investing in Crypto

by / ⠀Blog / August 17, 2022

In the volatile crypto space, learning how to manage your emotions and controlling day-to-day influences become the key to financial survival and potential trading success. The cryptocurrency sector has always been known for its volatility, price fluctuations and instability. Therefore, investors must constantly monitor their portfolios and market data when investing in crypto.  Though all the ups and downs of the market are not uncommon, they can be alarming,…