What the CEO Wants You To Know

by / ⠀Blog / August 19, 2022
automating a business

If you are a part of the business world, you must have definitely heard of this book by Ram Charan. What the CEO wants you to know is undoubtedly an insightful piece of writing that helps employees understand the business basics and how to take their careers forward. Even beyond the book, if you want to progress in your career, you have to strive hard to fulfill your…

How Does Elon Musk Want to End World Hunger?

by / ⠀Blog Finance / August 19, 2022
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World Hunger is a serious issue that spans the globe. According to the United Nations, in 2021, 828 million people went hungry. A big part of that is due to the coronavirus pandemic. The global pandemic affected shipping and trading across the world, leading to hunger in less developed countries. Because of this, the United Nations pulled back its expected goal of ending world hunger by 2030. David…

Tips to Avoid Emotional Investment While Investing in Crypto

by / ⠀Blog / August 17, 2022

In the volatile crypto space, learning how to manage your emotions and controlling day-to-day influences become the key to financial survival and potential trading success. The cryptocurrency sector has always been known for its volatility, price fluctuations and instability. Therefore, investors must constantly monitor their portfolios and market data when investing in crypto.  Though all the ups and downs of the market are not uncommon, they can be alarming,…

4 Steps to Using Water Bottles for Promotions

by / ⠀Blog / August 16, 2022
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Running a small business is tough these days. With the economy in the midst of a midlife crisis and everything, everywhere competing for everyone’s attention all at once, it can be daunting (or downright scary) to even consider the best way to market your brand to potential customers. But for many small business owners, rising to the occasion and facing challenges head-on comes with the territory. One surefire…

How to Create a Workspace in Your Studio Apartment

by / ⠀Blog Remote Work / August 16, 2022
Studio Apartment

If you’re renting a studio apartment, you may be wondering if working from home is an option. Technically, you can work from anywhere, including your bed if you want to. But creating a workspace that is conducive to productivity is of utmost importance. Renting a studio apartment is a great way of saving money while getting everything you need. Associated expenses like utilities are also going to be…

Dr. B Review: Did the Vaccine Waitlist Make a Difference?

by / ⠀Blog Health & Fitness / August 15, 2022
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When the initial COVID-19 vaccine rollout happened in the United States, finding a leftover dose seemed to be the “golden goose” during the pandemic. The extra shots, which medical professionals were required to administer within hours of removal from cold storage, were previously given to lucky shoppers within the facility. Alternatively, clinics were left calling potential candidates for an emergency opening or booking an appointment with close contact…

What is the Steve Jobs Outfit and What it Means?

by / ⠀Blog Personal Branding / August 15, 2022
The Thought Process Of Steve Jobs Outfit

A lot of people think entrepreneurs and businessmen are least interested in fashion. They don’t think much about their clothes or looks. But then, why is Steve Jobs outfit such a thing? There’s very little chance that you haven’t noticed Steve Jobs wearing the same style of clothes forever. As he has famously said, by selecting a uniform for himself, he has ensured that he has one less…

Range Beauty Shark Tank

by / ⠀Blog / August 14, 2022
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Black Business Month – Range beauty Shark Tank Black business month is an important celebration for the black community. It marks a time to reflect on the past and look towards the future, and it encourages people to take advantage of all that this country has to offer. During black business month, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own businesses or managing…

How Many Hours Does a CEO Work

by / ⠀Blog Entrepreneurship / August 12, 2022
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A lot of people think being a CEO is all fun. They believe CEOs lead glamorous lives filled with vacations and family time as the employees toil away. The reality couldn’t be more different. If you knew how many hours a CEO works, you would realize how demanding the job is. Keep in mind that being a CEO is an all-consuming job. It’s not a typical 9 to…