Why Mutual Respect is Essential for Successful Businesses

by / ⠀Blog / September 16, 2022
mutual respect

Mutual respect is essential for any successful business. Whether you’re just starting or have been in business for years, respect is key to maintaining positive relationships with your employees, customers, and suppliers. In this post, we’ll explore why mutual respect is so important for your business and identify some key ways you can foster a culture of respect in your organization. After reading, you should understand better why…

Who is the MARTA CEO?

by / ⠀Blog / September 14, 2022

MARTA Transportation is the latest company to make headlines due to its former CEO’s sudden death and the interim CEO’s quick appointment. The agency is popular for its innovative and cutting-edge approach to transportation and its contributions to the improvement of the U.S. transport system. The new CEO, Collie Greenwood, has already started handling the responsibilities of the former MARTA CEO, Jeff Parker, and is working hard to…

4 Common Business Legal Structures Every CEO Should Know About 

by / ⠀Blog / September 14, 2022
business legal structures

Starting a business today is easier than ever. With the help of the internet, anyone can set up their business and start providing different services. As a business owner, one of the first decisions you make is determining which legal structure you want to base your company on.  It is an extremely important decision as it can determine the success of your business. So in this article, we will…

What Is Bezos Doing After Amazon

by / ⠀Blog / September 13, 2022
bezos after amazon truck delivery

Jeff Bezos is world famous for founding Amazon. Yet, he had received countless backlash for how his corporation treats its workers. This led to sparring between Bezos and senators of the United States. It wasn’t until February 2021 that Bezos announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Amazon. However, he mentioned that he would be the executive chairman of the board. The title of CEO would…

eWorldTrade Reviews – A Brief Analysis of Their Business

by / ⠀Blog / September 12, 2022
eWorldTrade business

eWorldTrade is providing comprehensive business solutions for the last decade. It has become a global partner and incorporates the latest trends in its business models effectively. At this moment, this marketplace is catering more or less 500,000 customers and is planning to expand its arms even more. eWorldTrade could be the best choice for those who want to expand their businesses all over the region. Because of its…

5 Ways Hotels Can Use Social Media Walls to Engage Guests

by / ⠀Blog Personal Branding / September 12, 2022
social media walls

In the hospitality sector, the customer experience is crucial. Conventional methods to engage the guests are not paying dividends these days, which is becoming increasingly worrying. The answer to this? User-generated content displayed on a social media wall.  Hotels nowadays need to take advantage of user-generated content for lead generation, marketing, and guest engagement as more and more visitors share experiences on social media, whether they are positive…

Three Lessons You Need To Master to Become a Great Freelancer

by / ⠀Blog / September 6, 2022
become a great freelancer

There seem to be quite a lot of misconceptions in people’s minds about being a freelancer. One-half think they will spend all their time working on projects they enjoy, turning down work that doesn’t suit their taste. And the other half believes that being a freelancer can be a side hustle but not a career. Both are wrong. Being a freelancer isn’t a cakewalk, as many seem to…

How Elon Musk is a Positive Leader

by / ⠀Blog Entrepreneurship / September 5, 2022
elon musk positive leader tesla charging

Elon Musk is a household name across the world. A world-famous businessman with a large fanbase online. But, what about Musk makes him so fascinating as a positive leader? First, we need to understand who he is and how he came to be. Early Life Elon Musk was born in South Africa. His family was extremely wealthy thanks to his father owning an emerald mine. Later in life,…

5 Ways to Manage Employee Retention

by / ⠀Blog / September 2, 2022
manage employee retention woman closing business

Employee retention is crucial to a successful business. Employees that feel well supported in their organization are not only more likely to stay, but more likely to recommend the company to others. With the right strategies in place, you can make your employees feel like a critical part of the team, help keep them with the company for the long haul, and manage employee retention. 1. Invest in…

9 Tips for Creating Product Videos That Sell

by / ⠀Blog / September 2, 2022
creating product videos makeup

Selling products online is easy and hard at the same time. It’s easy to get started and create a seller’s account on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. However, it’s hard for your products to stand out against the competition. Whereas brick-and-mortar retailers face local competition from other stores, e-commerce retailers compete with sellers from across the globe. For better or worse, the internet has created one giant…