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Is Technology Your Friend? Business During COVID

by / ⠀Blog / February 23, 2021
Is Technology Your Friend? Business During COVID

Most people find describing all the ways in which technology has improved our lives hard. High-tech solutions, like GPS software, online catalogs, and cashless payments have become an integral part of our daily routine. Modern technology has created unparalleled opportunities for productivity and time-keeping, ones we have never even dreamed of throughout human history. So, yes, without a doubt, technology is our friend when running a business. Or,…

5 Clear Signs You Should Consider Outsource Help

by / ⠀Blog Entrepreneurship / February 22, 2021
5 Clear Signs You Should Consider Outsource Help

Running a business is very rewarding, but it can also be quite overwhelming. In addition to your core responsibilities as a business owner, there are also daily-based routine tasks to tend to.  Moreover, as your business grows, the number of these tasks and demands also inevitably multiply. If you can no longer remember the last time you took a long break, it may be a sign that you’re…

Effective Website Design Strategies That Prioritize Users

by / ⠀Blog / February 16, 2021
Effective Website Design Strategies that Prioritize User Needs

Putting the user first in effective website design has never been so important, with “page experience” set to become a Google ranking factor in March 2021. This means that every web design choice you make should always come back to the question: how does this benefit the user?  The following web design strategies are set to trend this year, but more importantly, they all put users’ needs first. …

How to Write the Ultimate Guest Blog Post

by / ⠀Blog Finding Customers / January 15, 2021
In this post, we'll discuss how to — and not to — use guest blogging for link building and SEO. Click here for more detail!

When it comes to content marketing, most businesses focus on their own website’s blog or branded social media accounts. They often forget to expand their reach via other strategic avenues. And if there’s one area that I see so many entrepreneurs and marketers neglect, it’s guest blogging. Why write a guest blog post? Guest blogging, which is basically the practice of writing content under your name and publishing…

Here’s Why Your Business Should Take Blogging More Seriously

by / ⠀Blog Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / October 26, 2020
Take blogging seriously. When implemented properly, it's one of the most powerful digital weapons a business has in its arsenal.

Blogging is one of those things that businesses see as an optional investment — a nice-to-have. Most business owners or marketing professionals will admit that it can be helpful, but then allocate all of their budgeted time and resources to other initiatives, strategies, and tactics. But what if blogging is more than a nice-to-have? What if it’s a must-have – an investment with the potential to transform your…

Believe This Link Building Myth at Your Own Peril

by / ⠀Blog / September 24, 2020

Over the past decade, a debate has raged on. It’s a debate that began in the highly technical circles of the SEO world and has gradually spilled out onto the main stage of marketing. We’re talking about the debate over the efficacy of backlinks and link building, of course. And if you have an improper understanding of the truth, it could have a dramatic and decisively negative impact…

Is Guest Blogging the Single-Best Inbound Marketing Secret of 2020?

by / ⠀Blog Finding Customers / July 26, 2020

Inbound marketing is obviously anything that pulls someone in and generates traffic and/or leads through marketing initiatives and related content. Inbound marketing typically includes things like websites, ebooks, emails, social media, and blogging. And if you really want to get the most out of the blogging portion of your inbound marketing strategy, you need to leverage guest blogging. What is Guest Blogging? At its core, guest blogging is…

Interview with Eyewear Lead Generation Expert Arie Tom

by / ⠀Blog / May 14, 2019

Today I had the opportunity to Arie Tom today on the impact of lead generation in the eyewear industry. How did you get into the industry? My experience with online marketing began 11 years ago while working at what was at the time a traditional advertising firm, McCann. That is when I first started to notice the shift of customers and budgets towards new emerging online channels, and…

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