BeScene App Simplifies Networking for Film Industry

by / ⠀News / February 27, 2024
Networking Simplification

BeScene, a pioneering app that positions itself as the film industry equivalent of Tinder, is changing the networking landscape for professionals such as actors, directors, producers, animators, and writers. The app facilitates connective opportunities like the popular dating app, bringing industry vital players together easily and efficiently.

In an industry often seen as exclusive, the BeScene app is leveling the playing field by targeting independent, student, and beginner filmmakers. It serves as a launchpad for emerging talents, giving them a platform to reach a wider audience and stake their claim in the industry. Its groundbreaking function is creating a ripple effect of inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and democratizing a traditionally exclusive sector. Its ultimate aim is to uncover and acknowledge promising talents wherever they may originate from.

George Armistead, the Founder and CEO of BeScene, stated that the app’s mission is to aid anyone aspiring to integrate into the film industry, circumventing legacy hurdles and dismantling barriers upheld by the traditional Hollywood system. Their primary objective is to alleviate the impediments put up by the industry’s conventional constructs, creating a more streamlined path for all interested individuals.

BeScene boasts a user-friendly interface with features like integrated messaging, connection discovery, and ongoing relationship management.

User details are presented in a card-like format, which allows for effortless navigation. The app also sports search filters categorized by roles, projects, or geographic location. Functions such as these make networking and search processes more focused and effective.

With no requirement for an existing film career or an IMDb page, BeScene is particularly appealing to beginners. Despite this positioning requiring more qualification checks and potentially impacting the smooth running of the platform, user safety is prioritized with report and block features in place. Further, violating community standards can lead to penalties or even account termination. The BeScene team continually seeks user feedback to enhance and evolve the platform, making it safer and more engaging for film enthusiasts globally.

Looking forward, BeScene plans to expand its offering with new in-app purchases and alternative revenue models and accommodate a broader range of professionals in the media industry. The app, currently available in the U.S. and Canada, has seen significant traction since its launch, with a considerable waitlist of 7,200 individuals in just a week.

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