Biden attributes poor debate performance to travel

by / ⠀News / July 9, 2024
Poor Debate

President Joe Biden has attributed his underwhelming debate performance last week to jet lag and travel, acknowledging to reporters that it was unwise to undertake extensive travel just before the debate. “I wasn’t very smart,” the president admitted. “I travelled around the world a couple of times before the debate and nearly fell asleep on stage.”

Biden, 81, returned from international travel on June 15, nearly two weeks before the June 27 debate.

Concerns about his mental acuity have since heightened within his party, especially after Rep. Lloyd Doggett from Texas became the first sitting Democratic lawmaker to call for him to step aside post-debate. “I am hopeful that he will make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw,” Doggett said.

During the debate with former President Donald Trump, Biden appeared to struggle with his responses.

At a private fundraiser in Virginia, he provided an explanation, stating, “It’s not an excuse but an explanation.” He also emphasized the crucial nature of winning re-election. Last month, Biden made two separate trips to Europe.

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On June 15, he attended a fundraiser with former President Barack Obama following a trip from Italy. The next day, he returned to Washington D.C. prior to the debate. White House officials indicated that he was battling a cold on the debate day, although Biden did not mention any illness in his recent comments.

Biden cites travel as debate factor

Despite his preparation at Camp David, Biden’s debate performance drew criticism. An unnamed source familiar with his schedule mentioned that his days at Camp David began at 11:00 AM, allowing time for rest.

Exhaustion due to travel resulted in truncated debate preparations, according to a newspaper report. Rep. Doggett, 77, stated, “Instead of reassuring voters, the President failed to effectively defend his many accomplishments and expose Trump’s many lies,” citing this as the reason for urging Biden to step aside.

Doggett, who has served since 1995, expressed concerns over Biden’s age and stressed the need for new leadership. The debate has sparked broader discussions about Biden’s age and stamina, with top Democrats voicing concerns but stopping short of calling for him to withdraw. Former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Jim Clyburn have expressed their confidence in Biden while emphasizing that the final decision rests with the president.

Congressman Jamie Raskin acknowledged the debate created a “difficult situation” but added that regardless of Biden’s decision, the party would remain unified. Raskin affirmed the need for Biden at the center of the party’s deliberations moving forward. President Biden will address these concerns in a primetime interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Friday, his first since the debate.

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The interview is expected to clarify Biden’s stance and address the ongoing speculation within his party regarding his capacity to continue as the Democratic nominee.

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