Biden campaign controversy shakes WURD Radio

by / ⠀News / July 10, 2024
Campaign Controversy

Sara M. Lomax, President and CEO of WURD Radio in Philadelphia, has spoken out about a recent controversy involving a former host and President Joe Biden’s campaign.

The incident occurred when it was revealed that the Biden campaign had provided a list of questions for the host to ask during an interview.

Lomax addressed the situation on air, stating that the host had received eight predetermined questions from the Biden campaign and selected four to ask. She suggested that this practice undermines the integrity of journalism by effectively scripting the interview. The Biden campaign defended its actions, saying that suggesting topics is a common practice.

However, they agreed to stop providing specific questions in the future.

The controversy came to light when the host shared that she had worked with Biden’s team on the topics for discussion. She said she could edit, add, or ignore their suggested questions.

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Biden questions spark journalistic debate.

Lomax clarified that the host willingly resigned from WURD, contrary to some reports that she was fired. Lomax praised the host for her dedication and contributions since joining the station in 2019.

According to Lomax, by directly contacting the host, Biden’s campaign bypassed the station’s established interview protocols. They did not go through the station’s general manager, Ashanti Martin. Lomax described this move as an intentional “fast one” by the Biden team, causing significant internal turmoil.

The incident highlights broader concerns within the Democratic Party, which Lomax described as being in “chaos.” She emphasized the importance of Black media and criticized the party for its disarray. She warned that failure to unify could negatively affect key community issues. Solomon Jones, a regular host on WURD and an opinion columnist, echoed the sentiment that scripted questions compromise journalistic integrity.

He reiterated that while it is normal for campaigns to suggest topics, journalists should not adhere to scripts provided by public officials. This ensures accountability and transparency in media practices.

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