Biden’s capacity faces test at NATO summit

by / ⠀News / July 10, 2024
NATO summit

President Joe Biden faces a crucial test of his leadership and capacity at the NATO summit in Washington this week. The meeting, intended to celebrate the alliance’s 75th anniversary and solidify support for Ukraine, has unexpectedly turned into a public examination of Biden’s abilities amid concerns about his health and cognitive state. Biden’s performance at the summit will be closely scrutinized, particularly during unscripted moments and a solo news conference on Thursday.

Every step, gesture, and word will be under intense examination, especially following a debate that left 50 million viewers questioning his coherence. As the most significant presidential trustee of NATO since President George H.W. Bush, Biden’s achievements, such as Sweden and Finland’s entry into the alliance, risk being overshadowed by his current battle to secure his political future. The press conference will be critical for Democrats who demand he prove his fitness to serve a second term that would end when he is 86.


Patty Murray voiced the urgency for Biden to show more energy on the campaign trail to convince voters of his capability. This sentiment underscores Biden’s vulnerable position amid concerns for his health and leadership capacity.

Biden’s leadership under scrutiny

International leaders are also anxious about the political future of the US and its role in global security. Allies will seek both political and strategic reassurances about Biden’s capacity to continue leading.

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They are particularly concerned about the implications of a possible return of former President Donald Trump, who has expressed skepticism about NATO’s mutual defense commitments. The uncertainty surrounding Biden’s capacity has rattled the confidence NATO partners placed in the United States. America’s political instability has led some allies to consider how to protect themselves in an unpredictable alliance.

Despite pressures within his party, Biden remains resolute in continuing his campaign. Concerns among Democrats about the impact of Biden’s candidacy on down-ballot races persist, with some lawmakers urging him to consider stepping aside for the good of the party. The NATO summit will thus be a crucial stage not just for international diplomacy, but for Biden’s fight to dispel concerns and affirm his capacity to lead both nationally and internationally.

The national security substance of the summit is expected to proceed smoothly, but all eyes will be on Biden’s performance and its implications for his political future.

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