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You’ve surely heard about Dogecoin, the famous meme coin that has taken the world of cryptocurrency by storm. If you haven’t known about its existence until 2022, you definitely do now, as Elon Musk made it famous with just a simple tweet when he decided to give up on Bitcoin in Dogecoin’s favor. This happening is clear proof that meme coins have potential in this vast realm of digital currencies. Since then, other meme coins have emerged into the coin market, and one of the most popular at this moment is Big Eyes Coin, aka The Biggest Cutie Pie.

This cryptocurrency has been all the rage in 2022, as increasingly more investors are taking the route of meme coins, considering them safe and long-term investments. So, yes, adding humor to your cryptocurrency portfolio could be not only an all-around experience but also a profitable plan.

Big Eyes Coin is aimed to become a major game changer, and no, it’s not just hype. We’ll show you facts in the following lines, so read on to get a full picture of what this adorable meme coin means for the cryptocurrency market and how you could leverage it.

Big Eyes Coin: the meme coin of the year

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has rapidly surged in popularity, becoming one of the cryptocurrencies positively hyped in 2022. It generated a lot of social media buzz and received support from the cryptocurrency community. Fans of digital goods are enthusiastic about this meme coin that has been living up to the name given to itself, mainly through its presale phases – Big Eyes Coin. Surprisingly, it appears to outshine other famous meme coins, including Dogecoin (DOGE), and the reasons are many.

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First and foremost, The Biggest Cutie works for a good cause, which is pretty impressive if we think of all the virtual currencies out there that simply don’t. The project aims to build and sustain an ever-growing ecosystem and donate a part of the wealth earned to ocean conservation organizations and charities. Moreover, Big Eyes Coin plans to support the community by organizing giveaways and events built around NFTs (non-fungible tokens). So, it’s not just cuteness that makes this coin stand out but also sustainability.

Big Eyes Coin’s eco-friendly aspect comes from operating on the Ethereum network. This has recently undergone one of the biggest upgrades in crypto history – the Merge. What does this event mean for the Ethereum blockchain? Well, shifting from a PoW (Proof-of-Work) to a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus meant consuming less energy and hence being more sustainable.

Is it the feline avatar with wide pupils that lures investors or simply the project’s promising future? Both! Anyway, the idea is that Big Eyes Coin has managed to sell out in its presale stage, having raised about $10 million. For a meme coin, this is quite impressive, to say at least. However, this cryptoverse distinguishes itself greatly from other meme coins due to its contribution to saving the oceans.

Is it for the long term?

It’s nothing strange for some crypto projects to be big at first and then end up forgotten. But this is not the case with Big Eyes Coin. With the presale funds, developers plan to work on more improvement strategies that will see The Biggest Cutie continue its run as a promising project. Developers will direct their attention to building through numerous competitions and contests to increase the adoption rate and entice enthusiasts. Something tells us that it won’t be that hard since there are already so many individuals interested in BIG.

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Big Eyes Coin has completed the required security audit, so it’s a totally secure and safe asset. The project has the potential to lure plentiful users to DeFi (Decentralized Finance), too, as it relies on an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand platform where people would be guided appropriately and feel at home when using it.

Long Term Advantages

Nonetheless, only the patient holders and early adopters will likely take advantage of a price increase. Big Eyes Coin is a project that is more likely to come to fruition in the long term, although it has great potential. That is because price rises don’t happen overnight – Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have also taken time to come as some of the most important cryptocurrencies. However, there is a great probability for this cute feline coin to experience an unprecedented price surge, all the more so since the presale stage has turned out to be such a huge success.

The team behind the project is also organizing a bonus tokens giveaway. So if The Biggest Cutie has grabbed your attention and you’re considering investing, ensure you use the code BIG301 when buying BIGs to reap the benefits of this giveaway. It’s not that long until the BIG tokens will be released to some of the crypto exchanges out there. So stay tuned!

Until then, you can try investing in other successful cryptocurrency projects. Bitcoin remains the world-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and trading volume and is arguably the most used digital asset. So, if you’re looking for safety in your investment strategy, Bitcoin might be the answer. Despite its volatility, BTC is still among the most profitable virtual coins. And if bought at the right time, it can bring considerable gains in the long run. Nevertheless, before starting your trading journey, ensure you have a clear vision of where to buy Bitcoin, liquidity level, and global adoption.

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Big Eyes Coin vs. Dogecoin

The huge success of Dogecoin is clear evidence that the meme coin industry is really unparalleled. At the moment of its launch, the coin was perceived as a mere funny cryptocurrency. However, Elon Musk contributed to the late coin’s success when he announced on Twitter that he’d adopt it for Testa transactions. This cemented the DOGE value amongst the best cryptocurrencies.

But the question is, “Does Dogecoin have something in its paw to resist the Big Eye progress?” Beyond the obvious Musk support that the coin benefits from, there are neither significant upgrade announcements nor collaborations on the horizon, as in the case of Big Eyes Coin.

The future sounds promising for BIG, so are you in?

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