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5 Obstacles Creating Lackluster Employee Motivation

by / ⠀Career Advice / August 4, 2013
tired girl at computer lacking employee motivation

Employee motivation is vital for the continuing success and development of any business. However, motivators do not only include good salaries and benefits, employers must dig deeper and understand ‘hidden’ employee values to understand what motivates them. Motivating employees can develop efficiency, promote positive relationships and create a stable working environment. For the majority of employees, three main goals motivate them; achievements, respect and having productive relationships with…

You’ve Been Diagnosed Overwhelmitis: Here’s How to Recover

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / August 3, 2013

As entrepreneurs we seem to come down with a repeated illness. The illness that I’m referring to is known as overwhelmitis. I know it all too well. In fact, before I learned exactly how to overcome it, I almost threw in the towel at my business. I know that many of you could possibly be at that point right now and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t…

Women in Startups: How to Get Ahead

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / July 28, 2013

It’s a sad state of affairs that women face significantly more issues than their male counterparts within the workplace.  Bridging the gender gap can be a formidable task when facing this challenge alone – but in reality you are allied with thousands of women around the country against this issue.  Some choose to develop their own methods; some take inspiration from the efforts of others – but approaching…

4 Mistakes of Managing Seasonal Interns

by / ⠀Career Advice Startup Advice / July 28, 2013

Should you hire an intern this season or forgo the concept altogether? This can be a tricky question. On one hand, seasonal interns can prove helpful in a small business setting. They can assist with non-critical tasks around the office, add young spirit into a company and cost a business owner next to nothing. On the other hand, bringing on a seasonal intern can also turn into a…

Don’t Make These Job Search Mistakes!

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / July 27, 2013

Ok, you know all the basics of interviewing that first job or even that better job. Do research on the company. Dress appropriately. Arrive on time. Listen. Ask questions. Follow-up. It’s a simple formula that is basically common sense when you think about it. So why do interviewees fail at getting a job? It’s because they don’t know real job seeking tips. I employee more than 100 people…

Why Good Writing Matters — and 4 Ways to Teach It to Your Team

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / July 26, 2013

In a time of emoticons, abbreviations, and 140 character-count replies, a three-paragraph email is the equivalent of “War and Peace.” But communication is a vital part of office life, whether you’re a lab technician sharing results or a human resources staffer announcing a new wellness program. There’s a simple way to guarantee that miscommunications happen as infrequently as possible on your team: ensure every person is a good…

The Secret to Entrepreneurial Happiness

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship / July 25, 2013

During our childhood years, measuring success was as simple as counting gold stars and smiley face stickers. In high school and college, we relied on report cards. But how do we determine success now, as entrepreneurs? In Southern California’s bustling startup scene, known as “Silicon Beach,” many professionals leave the comfort of a steady paycheck to pursue the American dream of starting something they can call their own. And…

Networking Tips for the Recent Grad

by / ⠀Career Advice / July 21, 2013

You’ve just graduated college in the top 10 percent of your class. Great! Now comes the fun part: finding a job. Even though the unemployment rate for college graduates is lower than the overall unemployment rate, you could still find yourself job searching long after you’ve retired your cap and gown. How do you increase your chances of finding a job after being unemployed for an extended period of…