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Dr. B Review: Did the Vaccine Waitlist Make a Difference?

by / ⠀Blog Health & Fitness / August 15, 2022
covid-19 vaccine

When the initial COVID-19 vaccine rollout happened in the United States, finding a leftover dose seemed to be the “golden goose” during the pandemic. The extra shots, which medical professionals were required to administer within hours of removal from cold storage, were previously given to lucky shoppers within the facility. Alternatively, clinics were left calling potential candidates for an emergency opening or booking an appointment with close contact…

16 Ways to Enhance Your Motivation and Inspiration

by / ⠀Career Advice Health & Fitness / July 28, 2022

As we grow older, it can be easy to lose motivation and inspiration and find ourselves feeling stagnant. But there are a few very useful things you can do to help reignite your fire and keep you inspired on the path to success. Motivation and inspiration are two essential components of any successful journey. Without them, it would be challenging to finish what we started and reach our…

Creating an Outdoor Home Office to Improve Mental Health and Productivity

by / ⠀Blog Health & Fitness Remote Work / July 18, 2022
outdoor home office

The pandemic has transformed the way we work, and it seems that CEOs and workers will have to admit that we are now working in a new reality. So, what happened? During the pandemic, many companies switched to remote work, and a growing number of Fortune 500 CEOs are embracing that remote work is here to stay, which is where switching your indoor space to an outdoor home…

How Long is a Business Day? 7 Tips for Getting Through

by / ⠀Blog Health & Fitness / July 5, 2022
How Long is a Business Day

Are you feeling stretched to the limit these days? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your to-do list? If so, you’re not alone. Getting through a business or work day with minimal stress and fatigue is something most of us long for. Many small to medium-sized businesses and large organizations are operating on a compressed schedule – which can lead to feelings of stress…

How to Live a Better Life

by / ⠀Health & Fitness / June 20, 2022
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When I think about strategies how to live a better life, I consider the rule of E: efficiency, effectiveness, and essentialism. Recently, I’ve been on a kick about cultivating deep focus. In the age of social media and modern technology, we’ve lost the ability to focus. Which is why I’ve made it my aim to be more mindful. “Mindfulness” is a hot topic these days, and while more…

Employee Health: Why Support Is Critical for Worker Retention

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship Health & Fitness / May 20, 2022
Sometimes workers get sick, and that's perfectly okay because it happens to all of us. Learn what you can do to shore up employee health.

Employee health and well-being are probably one the most important things to take care of. Whether you are a worker or a boss, sooner or later, you will get sick or injured and need to take a couple of days off to get better. Focusing on employee health helps keep your employees happily working for you over the long haul. This just makes sense. Someone is sick and…

Alohas: Live a Longer, Happier Life

by / ⠀Entrepreneur Interviews Health & Fitness Podcast / April 22, 2022
Scenic view of a mountain surrounded by trees and clouds

Under30Experiences founder Matt Wilson interviews Tony Buettner for the Live Different Podcast as they discuss Blue Zones and how to live better… Soon you will be saying alohas. Nine to five is the new cancer,” – Tony Buettner Tony is a National Speaker and the Senior Vice President of Blue Zones. ‘Blue Zones’ are pockets around the world where people reach age 100 at rates 10 times greater than…

One-on-One Video Calls with Experts Who Charge by the Minute

by / ⠀Health & Fitness Remote Work / April 8, 2022
One-on-one video calls may just be the future of tutoring and access to expertise. Boundaries of geography, income, and skill are vanishing.

What’s predicted to be the highest in-demand skill by 2030? Somewhat surprisingly, the answer to that question might be making effective one-on-one video calls. Yes, “soft skills” such as cognitive flexibility, having good judgment, high emotional and social intelligence, and being creative or innovative are going to remain the bedrock of any employee’s skill set. Without these, one cannot flourish in situations that involve fellow humans. However, the…