Selling Skills as A Founder: Why Cold Calling Is Not Dead

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Cold calls have long been a controversial way of selling. Many people are annoyed by it, but it’s proven to work. In fact, it is very good for beginning salespeople to learn the skills of cold calling.

Though, even with cold emailing, cold calling is not dead yet. It is still used every day all over the world. As a founder, you need to have the skills to cold call for your startup. If you are an entrepreneur then you need to have some specific skills that will help in your endeavors. As a founder and leader, you need to put your best foot forward, take the reins, and learn these skills. That way, employees see you getting to work, enhancing their motivation.

What Makes Cold Calling Important?

It’s a long journey that will take a lot of work, but it pays off. For example, over a week, you make 100 cold calls for your product or service. Only 10 of those will probably get back to you interested. Then, with those 10, you might only get 1 deal. But here’s the thing: don’t take it personally. It is a numbers game at the end of the day. And honestly, not everyone needs the product or service that you are selling.

Cold Calling Is Scary!

One way to make calling less scary and easier to get through is by writing a script. Now, you don’t need anything long. Write an easy-to-read little essay that will help you get through the call. If writing is not a strong suit of yours, then research online the many templates that other individuals provide. Find the one you feel most comfortable with and edit it for your own needs.

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Also, be sure to recognize what lines work and don’t work. This way, you have a script that will help you get further along in your sales. You still might get rejected, but at least you got through it without tangling your tongue and stumbling over your words!

How Do I Know Who to Call?

Pay attention to your niche. Look at its trends and what demographics are involved in the product or service. After a lot of research, cold call the people who fit in this demographic. Really, one of the most important parts of making a sale is who you try selling to. Learn about other skills, tools, and assets that can make selling easier. Look into strategies like the SPIN method. Read what questions are the best to ask. If you don’t do this kind of work, then you are going to have some very short phone calls.

It’s Repetitive

It really is. Cold calling lacks glamor but pays the bills. It can be a dull, repetitive job that leaves you mentally exhausted after so much rejection. So, take a break. It is important to know your self-worth and when you feel exhausted by it, just take a break. No point in cold calling if you are struggling to make sales, let alone conversation.

Team bonding is a great way to get through these ruts. Your team is going through the same thing you are. Going out for a drink at the bar or just playing some board games in the office will make the team work harder and more efficiently.

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At the end of it all, cold calling is still an important part of selling. While it can be a job full of receptiveness and rejection, you can learn some skills along the way to help boost yourself, your team, and your startup.

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