Communicate With Your Customers Regardless of Their Language

by / ⠀Finding Customers / March 27, 2023
Communicate With Your Customers Regardless of Their Language

Technology makes it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to access foreign markets. Innovative communication services are opening up massive new customer bases that business owners could only dream about in the past, allowing for the global expansion of goods and services worldwide. When considering expanding your business into international markets, one of the key considerations should be how well you can communicate with your intended customers and adapt to their unique needs. A language barrier can undoubtedly be an obstacle in global business dealings. However, we have some solutions that will help you expand your services abroad through multi-language support. 

Translation Services You Can Trust

A quality language solution can help make your customer service representatives instantly multilingual. For example, Unbabel’s translation service allows representatives to communicate with customers, answer questions or concerns, and explain a product or service in the inquirer’s language. 

This is accomplished through a hybrid AI and human solution, constantly learning and adapting to your company’s unique needs. You’ll be able to create a consistent customer experience in any language. This will also allow you to expand your product or services to a global customer base with one simple, cloud-based solution. This saves your company time and money and allows you to grow exponentially without language barriers getting in the way. 

Customer Service in Any Language

Expanding services abroad requires multi-language support to ensure the best customer service so clients will turn into repeat business. When customers decide to do business with a company, they’re looking for someone who can answer their questions about the product or service. You need to be able to help them through any problems they might have during the purchasing decision and process. They will likely take their business elsewhere if there is a language barrier. 

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Nuanced and Native Online Content

Your content and marketing strategy plays a large part in the success of your business. Having nuanced marketing copy that sounds like a native speaker is crucial. This will help new clients to trust you and your products or services. Copy that sounds AI-generated or doesn’t use native expressions will create barriers in the sales funnel. This will be difficult to overcome, especially in the face of competition local to your intended customer base. 

If you’re planning to market on social media or to an audience demographic that uses it often, you’ll need to be able to offer quick responses to questions or complaints. Post these on your company’s social media pages to build your reputation with customers on those platforms. 

Start with Communication — End with Success

Expanding your business into new countries and customer bases is a challenge many business owners are afraid to face. It requires research to understand what your clients will expect and the nuances of the language they will use to conduct their transactions. If you can cross the language barrier successfully, you’ll be able to meet your customers’ needs. Regardless of their location or native tongue, you can win their business. 

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