Craig Mackinlay returns to politics after sepsis recovery

by / ⠀Healthcare News / May 23, 2024
"Sepsis Recovery Return"

Craig Mackinlay, a prominent UK political figure and member of the Conservative Party, has returned to his duties after a six-month hiatus due to a quadruple amputation caused by sepsis.

Mackinlay received a standing ovation upon his arrival at the House of Commons. Despite political differences, the moment illustrated a cohesive respect amongst the British politicians, reverberating the strength of their democracy.

Coming back as “the bionic MP,” Mackinlay is now focusing on raising awareness about sepsis. He advocates for advanced treatments and prosthetics for those who have lost limbs, vouching for the National Health Service (NHS) that provided his care.

Mackinlay expressed deep gratitude to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Speaker Lindsay Hoyle for their support during his illness. He used this opportunity to stress the importance of early sepsis detection.

Mackinlay developed advanced sepsis in September, leading to an amputation of his hands and feet.

Mackinlay’s inspirational return after battling sepsis

He displayed tremendous resilience during his recovery process, undergoing intense physical therapy, adjusting to life with prosthetics, and relearning how to paint.

Despite the challenges, Mackinlay maintains a positive attitude and is running for a Parliamentary seat in the upcoming elections. His resilience and positivity are an inspiration for those facing similar struggles. His story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of a positive mindset.

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