Dating apps under scrutiny for insufficient data protection

by / ⠀News / April 24, 2024
"Insufficient Data Protection"

Mozilla’s recent study finds that an alarming majority of dating apps do not sufficiently safeguard user data. Among the 25 platforms tested, 22 have been labeled under the “Privacy Not Included” classification, indicative of weak privacy protection.

Lex, a Queer community platform, was commended for their robust privacy protection measures. Harmony and Happen also garnered average scores. In contrast, apps like Bumble faced criticism due to their ambiguous privacy terms.

The study highlighted a concerning trend – around 80% of surveyed apps could exploit confidential user data for advertisement purposes. Apps guilty of this practice include popular platforms such as Hinge, Tinder, OKCupid, Match, Plenty of Fish, BLK, and BlackPeopleMeet. Such apps have access to a wealth of personal data, which can be manipulated for targeted marketing initiatives.

While dating apps claim that collecting large amounts of data leads to improved matches for users, this rationale is irrefutably marred by instances of data misuse.

Dating apps critiqued for not safeguarding user data

One notorious instance that comes to mind is the scandal involving a US Catholic group extracting data from Grindr for tracking purposes.

This alarming compromise of privacy raises serious questions about data security and integrity. As these concerns mount, companies are urged to prioritize transparency and place strict safeguards surrounding data usage. This would help tackle these challenges and, to some extent, restore consumer confidence.

The loss of user trust has already inflicted financial wounds for these platforms. Markedly, it led to a $40 billion decrease in market value for companies like Match Group and Bumble over the last year. Amid such tumult, these companies remain sanguine and are endeavouring to leverage innovative strategies to rebuild user trust and establish financial stability.

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A notable trend in the rejuvenation attempts is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Match Group intends to incorporate AI, announced in its Q3 2024 report, while Grindr plans to launch an AI-chatbot. However, these developments are also raising additional data security concerns among users.

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