Does ‘Solopreneurship’ Fit You? Five Things to Keep In Mind

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Not many people know solopreneurship can change their professional futures. Here are the five things you need to be a successful solopreneur.

So many people dream of establishing their own startups. Countless people venture into the business world with aspirations and enthusiasm, but with little knowledge of solopreneurship.

Unfortunately, the corporate world isn’t welcoming to just anyone. There’s so much you need to fit in and carve a niche for yourself. Grit, grind, and determination are all invaluable traits to a business owner, but there’s a lot more to it.

Most people think about entrepreneurship while working on their business goals. But very few are even aware of solopreneurship and how it can change their lives. For instance, do you know that successful people like Erika Leonard, Sara Blakely, and Anastasia Soare are actually solopreneurs?

Yes, if you aspire to be a business leader, it’s about time you acquaint yourself with this term. And not only that, decide if this is indeed your calling.

How do we define solopreneurship?

The name must have given you some idea of what solopreneurship is all about. Let’s elaborate on it. To put it in simple terms, a solopreneur is anyone who sets up and runs a business on his own.

Whenever a person organizes, manages, and takes risks for a business or enterprise with no partner, he is said to be a solopreneur. Since the term is relatively new, a lot of people have varying interpretations of it.

For instance, some people consider all freelance writers to be solopreneur. On the other hand, others believe that freelancers have to grow their business to a significant extent. They must do this before they can be considered solopreneurs.

How to Define Solopreneurship

A lot of people believe solopreneurship is about handling everything alone. You don’t have anyone working with or for you. Others think solopreneurs can hire contractual help but not hire full-time employees.

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While definitions and interpretations differ, one thing’s pretty apparent. Solopreneurship is keeping the reins of your business in your hand completely. You don’t turn to anyone else for directions. You authorize everything and let no one else influence your decisions.

Is solopreneurship for you?

Not surprisingly, not everyone is cut out for solopreneurship. Typically, most aspiring businessmen have incredible ideas, but they need others’ help to transform their vision.

Businessmen usually focus on having a reliable and competent team working for them who can assist them in their ventures. But not solopreneurs! As a solopreneur, you have to get accustomed to making your own decisions and handling everything from scratch.

Not everyone can manage this. If you think solopreneurship is indeed the way to go for you, here are five things you should always keep in mind.

1. Have a clear vision.

This is your ship, and it’s up to you to decide the direction you want to steer it. Therefore, having a clear vision is crucial. And you also have to ensure you don’t deviate from the direction.

Develop a clear plan and continue working on it with full enthusiasm and determination. Take a day out of your hectic schedule for creating a map of your business. Chart your progress to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

As with every other business, there’s always a chance that you will have to take a detour now and then. Don’t be crestfallen. It’s all part of the journey.

Plan everything, from your business growth to your passive revenue. Figure out how you can make your business soar high. But don’t expect everything to fall into place. Your plans won’t always work out. If you are easily disappointed or unable to tweak your plans according to circumstances, tread carefully. Solopreneurship probably isn’t for you.

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Does Solopreneurship Fit You?

2. You can’t do everything alone.

Yes, as a solopreneur, you are in the driving seat. But that doesn’t imply you stretch yourself thin. If you force yourself to do everything alone, your growth potential will be significantly limited.

Figure out your responsibilities and think about the jobs you can delegate to freelancers. You can hire other service providers on a contractual basis. You can even consider joining a network marketing business suited to your vision and aspirations.

A major part of being a successful solopreneur is figuring out the tasks you can outsource. This will ensure you aren’t too occupied to focus on what’s really important for your business.

3. Make your own rules.

Without a doubt, you have to be flexible and accommodating as you make your business plans. Keep in mind that as you move forward, new opportunities will come your way. You might have some new ideas that appear a lot more fruitful than those you are currently working on.

Have a long-term goal in mind, and don’t hesitate to steer into a new direction. You don’t have to follow the conventional path. This is your business and your dream. Only you can decide how to move forward. Are you someone who’s easily swayed by people’s opinions? if so, you won’t be able to progress much in your solopreneurship.

4. Avoid comparisons.

It’s natural to envy the successful. You are bound to encounter people in your journey who seem to have it all. And unintentionally, you will find yourself being influenced by them. You will start following their rules and visions in the hope of achieving the same level of success.

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Here’s the thing. It’s excellent to keep an eye on the competition. However, you can’t be influenced by their progress.

Of course, you can use their success positively to steer in the right direction but don’t lose sight of your own plan and desires. Remember, things happen to everyone at a different pace. Don’t try to achieve what others have. Make your own milestones!

Avoid Comparisons in Solopreneurship

5. Always celebrate your successes.

Since you are moving solo, it’s easy to let your success slide by. The lack of recognition can be demotivating. Whenever you achieve a strategic milestone, make it a point to celebrate.

Share your success with your friends and family, and let your hair down. You have earned applause. Savor the moment!

Find your calling with solopreneurship.

Whenever you have a great business idea and intend to work on it, you will find many detractors.

People will tell you how it will not work, how you can’t do it alone. Don’t let them cloud your judgment.

If you manage to leave these voices behind and not let them influence your plan and decisions, you will find your success in solopreneurship without fail.

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