DolphiniOS emulator removed from Apple’s App Store

by / ⠀News / April 24, 2024
"DolphiniOS Removal"

The popular Dolphin emulator, DolphiniOS, has unexpectedly been removed from Apple’s App Store, much to everyone’s surprise. The change comes despite Apple’s recent easing of restrictions on emulators, creating confusion within the emulator community. No reasons were given for the sudden removal, and DolphiniOS’ creator OatmealDome has sought clarity on the unexpected decision.

The removal can be traced back to Apple’s strict regulations that prohibit the use of the Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler, a key component for running GameCube and Wii emulators. The JIT compiler translates PowerPC-based code used in the GameCube and Wii into a format understood by other devices, thereby speeding up the emulation process. Apple’s guidelines limit the functionality of the JIT compiler, directly affecting emulation performance.

As a result of Apple’s stance, running and optimizing GameCube and Wii emulators on iOS devices is problematic. Unless Apple amends its policy on this issue, a seamless emulation experience remains a distant dream for users.

Apple’s firm decision to limit JIT usage seems to underscore its desire to control its operating system, in turn dictating what apps and services can operate on it. This impacts not just the ability to run emulators effectively, but also the potential for developers to hold a balanced playing field.

So far, Apple has only authorized Safari and a select few European browsers to use JIT compilers. OatmealDome’s recent appeal for JIT support was promptly turned down, implying a tough overall stance against JIT implementation on Apple’s part.

Skeptics argue that these restrictions stem not merely from hardware or software limitations, but from a broader policy to curb potential attack vectors for hackers.

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DolphiniOS emulator: Apple’s restrictions hinder performance

Meanwhile, developers persist in their battle for JIT compatibility, arguing it can boost application performance without undermining security.

While the JIT support issue remains unresolved, some believe Apple may be forced to reconsider its position eventually. Until then, developers must work around this limitation and brainstorm alternative ways to enhance their apps.

OatmealDome has noted an alternative to JIT, the “interpreter”, but criticizes its performance. A video demonstration showed a noticeably slow Mario Kart Wii emulator on an iPhone 15 when using the interpreter. This, despite the interpreter working on non-jailbroken devices, unfortunately makes it a slower option that considerably lessens the gaming experience.

Despite these challenges, emulator technology’s future is promising, with popularity projected to soar. Several emulator developers are refining their technologies to broaden their appeal. The focus for developers like DolphiniOS is to innovate and adapt to these challenges. It remains to be seen if Apple will reconsider its stance on JIT usage, but until then, the journey to optimization is paved with creative solutions.

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